Friday, 21 December 2012

0030 - Light Bearer - Lapsus (Double LP)

This double LP has to be my favourite, which is a touch thing to say as I've got so many records now, but everything about this record is incredible. I learned about Light Bearer through Halo of Flies Records, but actually picked this copy up from the UK label Protagoras Collective.

Light Bearer are an amazing atmospheric metal band from London and they released this double LP through Alerta Antifascista, Halo of Flies and Moments of Collapse.

Both the front and back covers are very dark, featuring subtle artwork and song titles on the back.

It's the same when you open out the sleeve to reveal what's on the inside! Two winged beasts glaring at each other while another stares straight at you.
Inside the main sleeve, are two inner sleeves witch house the records. Each one features similar artwork to that of the cover on the front and the songs, lyrics, credits on the back.

Sleeve A Front -

Sleeve A Back:-

Sleeve B Front:-

Sleeve B Back:-

The tracklist is:-

1. Beyond The Infinite
2. Primum Movens
3. Metatron
4. The Armoury Choir
5. Pre Lapsus
6. Lapsus

All four sides of the vinyl are grey with black in the middle to match the centre stickers, which only signify sides A and C.

In terms of availability, the first press that was put out by, Alerta Antifascista, Halo Of Flies and Moments of Collapse has completely sold out. The first pressing was as follows:-

1125 on black vinyl
125 on marine green
125 on grey/blue
125 on grey/splatter

The newly released second pressing is as follows:-

300 on black vinyl
100 on white vinyl
100 on grey vinyl

You can pick copies up from the links below, depending where you are in the world:-

Halo of Flies (USA) -
Alerta Antifascista (EU) -
Moments of Collapse (EU) -

Here's a stream of Lapsus from the Moments of Collapse bandcamp page for you:-

You can visit Light Bearer at their wordpress site at and on Facebook at

Saturday, 8 December 2012

New arrivals - Pt 4

I've received loads of new stuff recently, here goes -

Tapes -

Wrestling - For You Anything Tape
Things Fall Apart - Keep Calm Tape
Dead Bong - S/T Tape
Nigh - S/T Tape
Cease To Exist/Armour of Contempt - Split tape

Vinyl -

Dude Jams/Pure Graft - Split 7" (on Clear Crystal Meth vinyl from Not Shy of The DIY)
Let It Die - Let It Die 7" (on Translucent Purple vinyl from Church of Fuck)
Iron Witch - Post Vegas Blues 7" (on Green vinyl from Thirty Days if Night)

I ordered a few bits from To Live A Lie -

Mehkago N.T - Massive Fucking Headwound (12" on Black vinyl)
Nashgul/Malpractice Insurance - Split (7" on Clear Orange vinyl)
Rape Revenge - Paper Cage (7" on Clear Orange vinyl)
V/A - To Live A Lie Split (7"  White vinyl)
Protestant/Suffering Mind - Split (7" Clear Orange vinyl)

I also got these goodies too -

Total Fucking Destruction - Childhater (Red flexi-disc)
Unholy Grave/Nak'ay - Split (5" Black vinyl)

I went to see Moloch/Rot In Hell/Lich gig last night and I picked up the latest Man Hands/Lich 10"

Also, Holy Roar sent these two records I'd pre-ordered -

Strife - Witness A Rebirth (12" Red w/White vinyl)
Full of Hell/Calm The Fire - (7" Various colour vinyl)

There we go, that's all for now!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

0028/0029 - Hungry Lungs - S/T 7"

It's no secret that I like my screamo a lot. This 7" is was from German band Hungry Lungs and the reason it's both number 28 and 29 in my collection is because I have two copies of it!

It's an ace three track affair, that was put out by no less than six labels including, React With Protest, Halo Of Flies, Contraszt!, Farblos Records, Parade of Spectres and Win Htein Records.

Front Sleeve -

I ordered this 7" originally from Halo Of Flies, randomly when I was browsing one day. I was intrigued by the cover.

Back Sleeve -

The back of the sleeve is simple, with the song titles and the label motifs at the bottom.

Tracklist -

A side -
1. Koerperjueunger
2. The Heaviest of All Weights

B side -
3. Philister

Pressing of the record was limited to 500. 400 copies were pressed on black and 100 were pressed on gold vinyl. I seem to have acquired two copies on gold!

Side A -

Side - B

I really like the quality of the vinyl, especially the centre stickers with the sides marked using Roman letters. They even put the vinyl RPM on too. This photo is a bit blurred, but it's hand-numbered as number 60 out of 100.

I also got copy number 52, from Parade of Spectres later on as part a review pack, featuring other awesome screamo records.

Liner sheet -

The lyric/thanks insert is cool, as it's printed on black paper that's got subtle silver brush strokes on it.

This particular 7" is now out of print, but here are the links to the labels who pressed it. I'll let you know too if any have any copies left -

React With Protest - (still has copies)
Halo Of Flies - (sold out)
Contraszt Records - (still has copies)
Farblos Records - (sold out)
Parade of Spectres - (may still have copies)
Win Htein - (still have copies)

You can head over to Hungry Lungs' Facebook page at, where there's the link to the Bandcamp page plus a free download link for a digital copy of this very record. If you like, make sure you buy a copy from one of the labels above.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

0027 - Rise and Fall - Deceiver b/w Sinking In Sin 7"

I thought I'd take a break from tracking down a Siege CD for a mate and post about the second Deathwish Inc record I picked up from the Dog Knights Productions distro.

This one caught my eye (no pun intended) straight away, thanks to the big eye on the front of the sleeve. I'd been a huge fan of Dutch hardcore for a while and with Belgium being neighbours, I thought I'd do some digging there too. I'd known about Rise and Fall for a while and thought I'd pick this up while I was browsing the distro.

This 7" is simple with no insert, just the songs, lyrics and credit printed on the back of the sleeve.

Tracklist -
A Side - Deceiver
B Side - Sinking In Sin

This is brilliant, caustic Belgian hardcore at it's best.

A Side -

B Side -

The record itself is pressed on really nice grey vinyl, with a striking centre sticker on each side.

Pressing volumes are as follows:-

330 on Clear vinyl
770 on Grey vinyl
1100 on White vinyl.

The record also came with a customary download code.

You can still pick up copies direct from the Deathwish webstore at, however if you don't want to pay the shipping from the US, Dog Knights Productions still have copies in their distro at

Wanted: Siege - Drop Dead CD

A plea to those who read this blog: I'm currently looking for a copy of Siege - Drop Dead on CD and am trying to avoid buying a copy from the US, so I don't have to pay horrendous shipping costs.

If you have a copy you are willing to sell, please let me know by e-mailing me at


Sunday, 4 November 2012

0026 - Kylesa/Victims Split 7"

As well as buying those two previous 7"s from Dog Knights Productions, I also picked up two distro items, this being the first. It was the second Deathwish Inc pressing of the Kylesa/Victims split.

Once again, it was the artwork that attracted me to it, but also the fact that Victims were on it. I was just getting into Kylesa at the time as well, so it made sense to buy it.

I like how the artwork flows onto the back cover too (sorry for the poor picture).

The inside sleeve folded to present similar artwork in striking yellow and black as well the credits (again, sorry for the poor pics)

The vinyl itself was pressed on Yellow/Gold vinyl. The centre sticker on both sides tells you which band is on it and the RPM (which I think should be on every vinyl record, to save any embarrassment when you get the wrong spreed!)

Side A

Side B

The record itself feature 3 songs.

Side A - Kylesa
1. Pain And Suffering

Side B - Victims
1. On Our Knees
2. Descend Within

In terms of pressing, there seems to have been multiple presses from different labels -

It was originally pressed by a label called La Familia -

June 2009 - Tour edition on orange and black marbled vinyl - 500 copies
October 2009 - 2nd editions features 300 on green and black marbled vinyl and 1000 on black vinyl.
March 2010 - 3rd edition features 300 copies on blue and black marbled vinyl and 500 copies on Black vinyl.

The La Familia release had different artwork.

It was later pressed by Deathwish Inc

November 2011 - 1st pressing featured two colour-ways on transparent red and yellow vinyl although the exact volumes are not know.

2012 - 2nd pressing on gold vinyl, but again no volumes known.

As well getting the record, it came with a download code, as is customary from Deathwish.

There are still copies of the La Familia black pressing at and you can pick up copies of the current Deathwish gold pressing from You  should also be able to get copies from distros and discogs.

Kylesa can be found at
Victims can be found at

Monday, 22 October 2012

New arrivals Pt.3.......

Okay, I'm in real deep!

Not only did the following records drop at my feet last week......

In order in which they arrived:-

1. Coilguns/NVRVD - Split 10" (pressed on beautiful Black/White vinyl)
2. Full of Hull/The Guilt Of... - Split 7" (on Black vinyl)
3. Doomriders/Sweet Cobra - Are We Not Men? (2012 Record store day release of Devo covers on bright pink vinyl)
4. Converge/Napalm Death - Split 7" (on Translucent Orange vinyl)
5. We Came Out Like Tigers - Agelessness and Lack 12" (on Ultra clear/Black Haze vinyl)
6. You'll live - Above The Weather 12" (on Sea Foam Green vinyl)

.....But I'm still awaiting this lot and I've also order more......

Iron Witch - Post Vegas Blues 7" (on Green vinyl)
No Omega - Metropolis 12" (on Black vinyl)
Martyr Defiled - In Shadows/Ecophagy 12" (on Purple vinyl)
Let It Die - Let It Die 7" (on Translucent Purple vinyl)
Dude Jams/Pure Graft - Split 7" (on Clear Crystal Meth vinyl)
Strife - Witness A Rebirth 12" (on White/Red vinyl)
Full of Hell/Calm The Fire - Split 7" (on Black vinyl)
Adobe Homes - Pinata 9" (on Tri-colour vinyl)
Hospitals - Asleep 7" (on White vinyl)
Descubriendo a Mr​.​Mime / ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! - Split 7" (on Red vinyl)

Also a Punk label called All In Vinyl have released the third of their vinyl subscriptions and have released 6 exclusive split 7"s, so I ordered them -

Arms Aloft/Leagues Apart - Split 7"
Timeshares/Dividers - Split 7"
House Boat/Zatopeks - Split 7"
Canadian Rifles/Zapiain - Split 7"
The Holy Mess/Down and Outs - Split 7"
Steve Adamyk Band/The Dauntless Elite - Split 7"
Also, as I'm gonna start documenting my tapes too, I ordered these too -

Three tapes from Church of Fuck -
Cholera - Egotism Tape
Dead Bong - S/T Tape
Nigh - S/T Tape

Also two from Get Into It Records:-

Wrestling - For You Anything Tape
Things Fall Apart - Keep Calm Tape

And we're done!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

0025 - Todos Caeran/Gumilinski split 7"

This release was the second record I picked up from Dog Knights Productions, at the same time as the Worms Feed 7". This was a special record for me, as it took my collection to the quarter of a century mark, which to me was a big deal!

Front cover:-

Again this was a pretty original record. Firstly, it was my first proper introductions to Canadian screamo band Todos Caeran and Russian screamo band Gumilinski and secondly, because of the striking record sleeve.

Inside the obligatory plastic outer sleeve was a car sleeve that housed the record. As you can see, each side had a person on it, but the sleeve itself isn't a full sleeve, so you can see the record inside!

Back sleeve:-

This meant that you could see the stunning white 7" in all it's glory.

A Side:-

Each side features a clean centre sticker, with more nice artwork, the band featuring on it along with their song contributions as well as the RPM of the record!

B Side:-

Side A - Gumilinski -
1. The Blind Opera Overture
2. La Guerra
3. Yes, We Know...

Side B - Todos Caeran:-
4. The Dispossessed
5. Left Hand of Darkness

This record was pressed in a quantity of 300 on white vinyl. 100 featured limited colour sleeve artwork:-

10 on Grey Silver
20 on Blue
20 on Green
50 on Maroon

To keep things simple with this release, there was no massive insert, just a small one featuring the bands and songs, as well as links and e-mail addresses for the bands. A download code also came (which has been used, before you try it!)

It's worth noting that this 7" should have featured an extra track from each band, but these were too long to fit on the wax, so they were provided with the download instead:-

Gumilinski - Life Walks in Beauty
Todos Caeran - The Gernsback Continuum

Looking in the Dog Knights store, this has sold out. Todos Caeran still appear to have copies in their store at You may also be able to find copies in distros or on Discogs, but buy copies from the bands first while they have them left!

Todos Caeran are at
Gumilinski are at

Keep an eye on what Dog Knights Productions are doing here

Saturday, 6 October 2012

More records!

So most of my new arrivals have begun dropping through my letter box!

I've ordered another 3 7"s from the Dead Dead Dead Music distro in the shape of:-

Converge/Napalm Death - Split 7" on gold vinyl
Full Of Hell/The Guilt Of... - Split 7" on black vinyl
Doomriders/Sweet Cobra - Are We Not Men split 7". This is the pink vinyl, RSD 2012 pressing.

Visit Dead Dead Dead Music here -

Also, my want list keeps growing. I've recently heard about two new 7" that will be out sometime in the future - a split 7" between Hexis and This Gift Is A Curse, as well a split 7" between Napalm Death and Melvins! Epic.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

0024 - Worms Feed - Black Snow 7"

While I'm procrastinating about jobs, I thought I 'd update my blog. This 7" was the first record I ordered from UK label Dog Knights Productions and was the first time I'd heard of Worms Feed.

Dog Knights Productions is a label and promoter, that's been gathering momentum over the last couple of years. They've been building their reputation as one of the UK's best, new labels and have been releasing better and better records as they've gone along. Worms Feed are from Belgium and play a hybrid of hardcore, crust and black metal.

Front sleeve -

I got drawn to this 7" because of the haunting, black and silver cover. That skull compliments Worms Feed's music perfectly.

Back sleeve -

The 7" features two songs and is one sided, with a screen printed B-side which I'll get to a little later.


1. Black Snow
2. Memories

A Side -

The record is pressed on black vinyl and features a similarly moody centre sticker.

B Side - 

It's the B-Side that sets this release apart though. It features a white-ink, screen-printed version of the cover art.

This 7" was a co-operative release by Dog Knights Productions and Iron Plague Records from Germany. Now, I'm not sure how many of these were pressed by Iron Plague, but there was 300 copies pressed by Dog Knights, all on black vinyl but featuring three different colours if ink, for the screen printing:-

30 featuring Gold ink (sold out)
30 featuring Silver ink (sold out)
240 featuring white ink (still available)

As well as this, I also got a plethora of flyers, stickers and free download codes, because DK like to promote their releases.

If you want to pick up a copy of this record, you can go to either or

Also, make sure you check out Worms Feed at and listen to them at They're well worth your time.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

0023 - November Coming Fire - Dungeness 12"

Another TDON related record and my first 12"!

I got into November Coming Fire after getting their Evocation 7", so took a step back in time and purchased this record too. I couldn't believe it when I received it. The package was awesome and the vinyl itself was so nice!

This record was originally released on CD by Reflections Records in w2006, but was remastered in 2010 ready for a vinyl release.

The simple, moodiness of the front sleeve was encompassing enough.

The back of the sleeve, equally so. The stormy, lighthouse scene epitomised the town that record was named after. Even the song titles listed down the middle of the scene, don't detract from it's atmosphere.

When you open the sleeve, you're presented with the song lyrics on one side and on the other a photo taken from inside a derelict house, with the credits in the top right.


1. Blue Reigns
2. Powerstation
3. Devil on The Shore
4. The Jackal
5. HMS Blackwater
6. That Black House Made of Rubber
7. Argonaut
8. Instrumental No.2
9. Providence
10. Mascot
11. Queenliest Dead
12. Closure

Side A - 

As I said, I was awestruck by the quality of the record. My copy was the Whit/Gold version. Again, the centre sticker on this record also labelled each side, which was a nice touch.

Side B -

This 12" was a co-op release by Thirty Days Of Night Records and Italian label Anchors Aweigh. Anchors Aweigh pressed 250 on Gold/Black splatter vinyl and TDON pressed 250 on White/Gold vinyl.

These are still available on Gold/Black splatter from Anchors Aweigh and from NCF themselves at their online store, in both colours.

November Coming Fire can be found at

0022 - Cyvoid - S/T 10"

This is where I start to get to the business of my early collection and where I graduate from 7" up to 10/12"s. It's still Thirty Days Of Night worship thought at this point.

First of all though, a quick history. Cyvoid featured members of local Leeds bands like The Plight, Send More Paramedics as well as End To Empires and Antares. They still play sporadically, but this was their last recorded output as far as I know and their only record released on vinyl.

Cyvoid played a kind of futuristic crossover between hardcore and thrash.

The record sleeve caught my eye with this one. It features a silhouetted city scape, with the band's name rising above the skyline like a series of giant 3D skyscrapers.

The back of the sleeve is equally as good and is seems to have the 3D band name from behind, which is a cool effect. The songs featured on the record are in the bottom left and the bottom right features the logos for TDON and Moving Parts Collective, who did the sleeve are.

Side A -
1 Revok
2. Phenotype
3. Hardware
4. Facehugger

Side B -
5. Time To Die
6. Idory
7. Landfill Gulag

There was 300 copies of this record pressed, 150 on Black and 150 on Clear vinyl.

The centre stickers were nice and clear to, marking out each side and reminding who the band was!

In terms of picking up copies, neither TDON or the Band have any left in their stores, but if you're local to Leeds, Crash Records and Jumbo Records have copies. If you're not local to Leeds, there may be copies on both Discogs and Dead Format.

Cyvoid are on Facebook at

Sunday, 9 September 2012

New arrivals pt.2....

Might as well add this to the list of new/future arrivals as it was an impulse buy today from Feast Of Tentacles -

Moloch/Closure - Split 7" on Black.

That's definitely it now until payday!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New/Awaited arrivals -

So, I've gone a bit mad and ordered a few records over last week or so, but before I get onto that, a parcel did arrive the other day.

I finally got my Grace 7" pre-order box set from the dudes at Hemlock 13! It contained both colour-ways of the 7", a T-shirt, loads of flyers/stickers/badges etc and came in an awesome, screen-printed heavy duty cardboard box. I'll post it all on here at some point!

Onto those records I'm eagerly awaiting -

Iron Witch - Post Vegas Blues 7" (part of the TDON Vinyl club)
No Omega - Metropolis 12" (part of the TDON Vinyl club)
Martyr Defiled - In Shadows/Ecophagy 12" (part of the TDON Vinyl club)
Let It Die - 7" (due to be released by Church Of Fuck)
Starve/Terzij De Horde - Split LP (from Badger Records)
Coilguns/Never Void - Split 10" (from DeadDeadDead Music)
Foxes/Iselia - Split 12" (Dog Knights Productions)
Iselia - 12" (Dog Knights Productions)
Foxes - 12" (Dog Knights Productions)
We Came Out Like Tigers - Agelessness and Lack 12" (Dog Knights Productions)
You'll Live - Above The Weather 12" (Dog Knights Productions)

So that's 2 7"s, 1 10" and 7 12"s. Plus I'm already looking at what I want once this lot's dropped!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

0021 - Reproach - Is What It IS 7"

This was another impulse buy, but this time to test out Discogs, as at the time I was strangely dubious about using it to buy records from. Anyway, I'd read a lot about Reproach and saw this record going cheap, so bought it.

I really like the black and white, punk inspired cover.

Same with the back cover, with the songs listed and the prominent live photo.

Tracklisting -

Side A -
1. Over The Kill
2. Shove My Fucking Face In It
3. Skate and Destroy
4. Acid Rain
5. Overpelt Up In Flames

Side B -
6. Boiling Inside
7. Dead By Dawn
8. Switch It Off
9. Is What It Is

There's a simple, black and white folded insert inside, featuring a photo of the band on one side.....

The songs and credits on the back....

..... and when you open it up, there's a kick ass collage of black and white photo's which is a neat touch.

The record itself has been pressed on clear vinyl. Both sides feature chunk black centre stickers, one with the band logo on and the other with Deep Six's (the label) logo on.

Side A -

Side B -

The record also came with a download code.

I'm unable to locate any pressing details for this 7", so if anyone can help me out, please drop me a line at

Visit Deep Six records at as I think they still have copies available, If not, you can pick up copies still on discogs.