Thursday, 4 July 2013

0055 - Dead Swans - Anxiety And Everything Else 12"

So, after a pretty long quiet period, my conscience got the better of me and I've decided to post a new record up to show people that I'm not dead! It's also record number 55 in my collection. There's no particular order to these posts though, other than whichever record is next in my Facebook photo album. I've also altered the way I take my photos, to hopefully make the records and packaging stand out more. Feel free to let me know if it makes any difference!

Anyway, I bought this record while on a splurge in the Bridge Nine webstore. Even when I bought it, postage was pretty high from the US to England so I bought a load of stuff, the rest of which I'll post about soon. To me Dead Swans were one of the UK's best hardcore bands before they called it a day. This was the first DS release I bought as well.

I think the artwork on the from and back of the sleeve is fairly uncomplicated. The band name is really prominent on the front and I like the way that the song's have been listed per side on the back cover. That's a nice touch.


Side A -
1. I've Been Trying To Leave
2. Summer of Hate
3. Dead Until Dark
4. Keep Them Shut

Side B -
5. Since Day One
6. You Can Only Blame Yourself
7. Southern Blue

The insert is pretty cool as well. On one side Dead Swans have included a collage of live/tour pics which give an insight into their live on the road.

I ordered the Grey/Black colour-way of the LP, which it turns out was the shorter run of the two colour-ways that came out. It's also a first press.

Pressing Information:-

Grey/Black version - 500 pressed
Half Red/Half Clear version - 1000 pressed

You can still purchase both colour-ways from the Bridge Nine Store -