Tuesday, 22 January 2013

0032 - 0035 - Give Up The Ghost/American Nightmare Reissues

These four records were very much impulse buys, much like most of my collection really. I saw that Deathwish Inc were reissuing them, so bought them direct from the Deathwish store.

0032 - Give Up The Ghost - We're Down Till We're Underground
This album was originally released in 2003 by Equal Vision Records and Burning Heart (Sweden/European pressing), but it was reissued by Deathwish Inc in 2011.

The artwork for the record sleeve is exactly as it was on the original pressing

Front -

Back -

The inside of the gatefold sleeve features the songs/lyrics on one side and a old piece of picture art on the other side -

Inside the sleeve, there's a massive double sided poster featuring the cover art for this record and for Background Music too. I haven't put this up on my wall, but I probably should -

The poster is way to big to get a decent photo of from close up, so sorry about that.

The record itself is pressed on awesome clear orange vinyl.

Side A -

The centre sticker represents the love heart artwork from the cover.

Side B -


1. (It's Sometimes Like It Never Started) 
2.  Love American 
3. Young Hearts Be Free Tonight 
4. Since Always 
5. Calculation-Nation 
6. The Last Supper After Party 
7. Crime Scene 
8. Bluem 
9. A·E·I·O·U 
10. Crush Of The Year 
11.  No Lotion Could Ever Unclog These Pores 
12. We Killed It 
13.  (And It's Sometimes Like It Will Never End)    

The record also came with a download code.

Pressing info - 

The Deathwish Inc reissue featured 5033 records in various colour-ways. The breakdown is below:-

346 - Transparent Purple Vinyl (Band Exclusive)
354 - Opaque Yellow vinyl
424 - Clear Yellow vinyl (Merch Now Exclusive)
687 - Clear Orange vinyl
1012 - 180 Gram Black vinyl
2210 - Clear Pink vinyl

Up to now, this is the only Deathwish Reissue pressing. I've also included the original Equal Vision pressing details below for completeness - 

100 copies on red vinyl
200 copies on pink vinyl
200 copies on purple vinyl
500 copies on clear vinyl
1000 copies on black vinyl 

I was unable to find info on the Burning Heart pressing.

You can still get copies from the Deathwish reissue pressing via their e-store at http://deathwishinc.com/estore/category/GUTG.html. They are the Clear orange and 180 gram Black pressings.

0033 - Give Up The Ghost - Background Music 
Background Music was also originally pressed by Equal Vision Records and Burning Heart (Swedish pressing), but in 2001. It was also part of the Deathwish Inc reissue in 2011.

The original sleeve art was kept for this reissue too - 



Again, the inside of the sleeve features the songs/lyrics and another piece of artwork that fits in really well with the record - 

Also the same double sided poster was included inside the sleeve - 

As with the We're Down Till We're Underground, the record is pressed on clear orange vinyl - 

Side A - 

Side B - 


1. (We Are) 
2. There's A Black Hole In The Shadow Of The Pru
3. AM/PM 
4. Shoplifting In A Ghost Town 
5. I Saved Latin 
6. Postmark My Compass 
7. I.C. You Are Feeling Drake 
8. Hearts 
9. God Save The Queen 
10. Your Arsonist
11. Farewell 

The record also came with a download code.  

Pressing info:-

The Deathwish reissue was pressed to a volume of 4877 on various colour-ways. The breakdown is below:-

348 - Transparent Red Vinyl (Band Exclusive)
340 - Clear / Black Mix (or Grey) vinyl
423 - Clear Yellow vinyl (Merch Now Exclusive)
598 - White vinyl
1009 - 180 Gram Black vinyl
2159 - Opaque Green vinyl

Up to now, this is the only Deathwish Reissue pressing.I was unable to find a reliable volume for both the Equal Vision and Burning Heart pressings.

You can still pick up copies from the Deathwish Inc reissue via their e-store at http://deathwishinc.com/estore/category/GUTG.html on both Opaque Green and 180g Black vinyl.

0034 - American Nightmare - Year One
As well as picking up the two record above, I bought a copy of the American Nightmare record Year One. It features the first two EPs from American Nightmare, before they were forced to change their name. It was pressed to mark the tenth anniversary of their 2nd EP 

The artwork on the front cover features an awesome embossed angel, atop of the stars and stripes.



There's a double insert inside the sleeve featuring a poster on one side and the song lyrics, credits and a collage of pictures on the other.

My copy of the record is pressed on black/blue vinyl - 

Side A -

Side B

The centre sticker features the EP and it's tracklist for each side.

Tracklist - 
Side A - Self Titled 1st EP
1. Protest Song #00
2. Sore Throat Syndrome
3. Fuck What Fireworks Stand For
4. The Ice Age Is Coming
5. Please Die!
6. The Day The Music Died
7. Farewell

Side B - The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter 2nd EP
1. There's A Black Hole In The Shadow Of The Pru
2. I've Shared Your Lips So Now They Sicken Me
3. Hearts
4. Dead And Gone
5. It's The Limit

The record also came with a download code.  

Pressing info - 

There were two pressings. The original in 00/01 and then the second (which mine was in) in 2011, which also featured a European pressing.

1st Pressing - 

500 2x7"s on Clear and Orange vinyl
1000 2x7"s on Black and Blue vinyl

European Pressing - 

250 on Yellow vinyl
250 on Maroon vinyl
500 on Black Splatter/Yellow vinyl

2nd Pressing - 

500 on 180g Black/Red vinyl
1000 on 180g Black/White vinyl
1500 on 180g Black/Blue vinyl

You can get copies of the 180g Black/White 2nd pressing from Deathwish Inc at http://deathwishinc.com/estore/product/B9R035v.html or you can get both 180g Black/White and Black/Blue copies directly from Bridge Nine at http://www.bridge9.com/disco/33

0035 - American Nightmare - 4 song (Ice Age) Demo
To complete the order, I picked up a copy of the 4 song demo that was released by Malfunction Records back in 1999.

The artwork for this sleeve is a lot more rough and ready - 


Back - 

The insert features a copy of the songs/lyrics in the bands handwriting - 

The record itself is pressed on bluey/Turquoise vinyl - 

Side A -

Side B


1. The Ice Age is Coming
2. Please Die!
3. Sore Throat Syndrome
4. The Day The Music Died

This also came with a download card.

Pressing info:-

According to Dead Format, there have been four pressings of this demo:-

1st Pressing - Malfunction Records

30 on Blue/Turquoise vinyl (mine I think)
200 on White vinyl
800 on Clear Green vinyl

2nd Pressing - Malfunction Records

100 on Dirty Gold Swirl vinyl (Special Wolfpack skateboard pressing)
383 on Clear Gold vinyl

3rd Pressing - Malfunction Records

1000 on Black vinyl/w White labels
2000 on Black vinyl/w Red labels

4th Pressing - Deathwish Records

500 on Clear vinyl

In terms of where you can pick these up from, Deathwish Inc are selling them still on random coloured vinyl here http://deathwishinc.com/estore/product/DW132v.html. I can't find if Malfunction Records still has a store, I'd guess not and I think Deathwish Inc must have took on their stock, which would explain how I seemed to end up with a first press!

The pressing info here is right to the best of my knowledge, but if you spot any errors, let me know and I'll adjust it.