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2014 Dog Knights Productions Discography + Some Other Bits

2014 is coming to a close and it's made me reassess my vinyl blog. Thinking about the year and my buying habits has made me realise that continiung to run the blog in it's current form was not going to work, With that in mind, I've decided to change things and am doing away with the old matrix/number style titles, as they were getting a bit formulaic.

To herald in the new, I've decided to do a few discography posts focusing on releases I've picked up this year from single labels and also on one label in particular, whose discography to date I've managed to complete. This is not a chin-stroking exercise by any means, but I think it's a great idea show and support the labels and bands that have given me so much pleasure this year. My first post features the generally awesome Dog Knights Productions. It features all of the labels new/reissued releases that I purchased this year, that I didn't already own. Enjoy!

Exhaustion - Demo 7"

I'm starting with a release that I already owned on tape and that I'll be writing about in a future post. When I read about this demo's release on vinyl, I pre-ordered it pretty much as soon as I could. For those that don't know, Exhaustion features ex-members of Throats (who as I write this are reforming!). There was a pre-order version of this split, which I missed but not being a full-on completest, I didn't mind too much.

Pressing info:-

Pre-order version on Transparent Purple - /30
Transparent Purple - /270

Nai Harvest - Hold Open My Head 7"

This was DKP's first 2014 release for Nai Harvest. It was released in collaboration with Topshelf Records.  It's fair to say that this four-track 7" has been pretty popular since it's release in March as it's already on it's second pressing. It's a great little release and has taken pride of place in my small, but growing NH collection.

Pressing info:-

1st pressing -

Solid Yellow (Dog Knights Exclusive) - /100
Solid Red (Topshelf Records Exclusive) - /100
Solid Blue/Solid Yellow Mix - /400
Solid Blue/Solid Red Mix - /400
Solid Blue - /500

2nd pressing -

Clear w/Red Smoke - /250
Clear w/Yellow Smoke - /250

Playlounge - Pilot 12"

Playlounge was a band that was completely new to me when DKP announced the pre-order. Another duo in the same vein as Nai Harvest and the pre-release songs I heard were pretty dreamy. I read that the record was going to be released on glitter vinyl, which I'd heard can distort the sound when played on a turntable, so I plumped for the simpler blue/pink mix version. There was also a special 2014 Record Store Day version with different artwork too.

Pressing info:-

Pink w/Silver Glitter - /150
Blue/Pink mix - 350/
2014 RSD Version w/Special Cover - /10

Headroom - Headroom 7"

The next new band on my radar was Manchester's Headroom. I was pretty excited about this release when I read about it's members links to Survival and Nai Harvest. This four-track 7" was released in April. The first press is now sold out but there will be a second pressing in 2015.

Pressing info:-

Solid Orange - /150
Transparent Blue - /350

We Came Out Like Tigers - Ever-Crushed At Pecket's Well 12"

We Came Out Like Tigers have now sadly left us, but thankfully they released this record before they did. Ever-Crushed At Pecket's Well presented a very different sound to that of Agelessness And Lack, as WCOLT elected for a sound strewn with black metal. It was a great LP to go out on.

The package was really nice for this record too. It came in your standard full-art sleeve, in two different color-ways and included a lyric book. As well as that, the first fifty people who ordered either color-way or the double bundle got a limited cover, which is in the picture above.

Pressing info:-

Bronze/Brown Mix w/Melted Splatter - /150
Transparent Green - /350

Shirokuma - Sun Won't Set 12"

Following on from the previous year's release of Still Waters Run Deep by Swedish band Totem Skin, Dog Knights released this pretty LP by fellow Swedes Shirokuma. This LP marked DKP's sixth release of the year and it was April! I think this was a rare occasion where I bought the rarest colour of a record.

Pressing info:-

Purple w/ Orange And Blue Splatter - /100
Purple/Green Mix - /200

Grappler - Everything I've Ever Feared 12" (Record Store Day Cover version)

I don't really participate in Record Store Day, I don't like the crowds and the over-inflated prices for records. Thankfully, Darren has the same ethos and this year he made some special RSD versions of existing releases with special covers. These were limited to 10 copies of each and featured this Grappler release from 2013 and also the recent Playlounge LP.

I decided to grab a copy of the Grappler release, as I didn't already own it.

Pressing Info:-

Black w/Records Store Day Cover - /10

Old Gray/Tiny Moving Parts - Split 7"

Old Gray had become one of my favourite bands after I got hold of a second press copy of An Autobiography. I'd not heard anything by Tiny Moving Parts, so it all served as a perfect introduction before their LP was released. Plus, the color-ways for this one looked amazing.

Pressing info:-

White w/ Blue and Brown Splatter - /150
Half Light Blue/Half Dark Blue - /350

Sorority Noise - Forgettable 12"

This record takes the crown as the nicest looking record in my collection, at the moment. Again, Sorority Noise was a new name to me when I saw the pre-order for this release. Knowing that members of Old Gray were in this band made it a little easier for me though. This is a first press copy, but DKP is onto a second press already.

Pressing info:-

1st pressing -

Ultra-Clear w/Pink And White Splatter - /150
Pink w/White Ghost - /150

2nd pressing -

Ultra-Clear w/Pink Smoke - /150
Half Pink/Half White - /150

Tiny Moving Parts - This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship 12"

This LP was ordered at the same time as the split with Old Gray.  I love the laid-back feel of this record and at times it reminds me of La Dispute. I've noticed that they're playing in Leeds in 2015, so I'll definately be going to see them.

Pressing info:-

Brown - /100
Green - /200
White - /200

Nai Harvest - Feeling Better 7"

This was the third pressing of the 7" that came out last year. I didn't own it, so grabbed a copy. The first press was by Pinky Swear, Struggletown and A Mountain Far Records and was on Orange w/White Swirl vinyl with a Orange cover. Dog Knights took care of the 2nd and this third repress.

Pressing info:-

2nd pressing -

Blue - /100
Blue/White Mix - /200

3rd pressing -

Green - /100
Green/White Mix - /200

Capacities - There Is No Neutral 10"

Both this and the next record were released last year, but I thought I'd include them here anyway as I picked them up this year. I've been trying this year to complete my Dog Knights discography (and I'm  not far off it now) and this 10" was one records I didn't have. Plus I'm a fan of the slightly smaller format and seem to be building a bit of a collection at the moment. This was co-released with US label Melotov Records.

Pressing info:-

Coke-Bottle Clear Green (Smoke Bottle) - /100
White /400 (110 came from DKP)

Descubriendo A Mr. Mime - ...  Y Ya No Me Quedan Dientes Por Arrancarme 12"

This record was a really ambitious one. A single-sided 12" with three different screen-printed B-sides. It's also pretty rare. I first came across this band after their earlier split 7" with iSilencio, Ahora, Silencio! and was really intrigued by this record.

Pressing info:-

Ultra-Clear Bat version - /83 (33 from DKP
Ultra-Clear Mouse version - /83 (33 from DKP)
Ultra-Clear Bird version - /83 (33 from DKP)

Totem Skin/Heart On My Sleeve - Split 7"

Totem Skin has been one of my favourite bands ever since I heard their first demo. I've reviewed all of their releases via This Noise Is Ours and got a little bit excited when DKP released their album on vinyl in 2013. This split with fellow Swedes Heart On My Sleeve caught my eye, thanks to the ace artwork by Tom Is The Bastard, who's done record/tape covers for bands like Gets Worse and Ancst in the past.

Pressing info:-

Ultra-Clear w/Black Smoke - /100
Transparent Purple - /200

Nai Harvest/Playlounge - Flower Shaped Split 12"

I think this split shows off DKP's ambition pretty well. It took a little while to press, but I'm not surprised considering the amount of work that went it shaping 1500 copies. As far as I'm aware, this was a one time only pressing and will never be repressed. Needless to say, it's one of my faves and I'm currently keeping it stored in a makeshift card-sleeve, I mustered out of a used mailer I had lying around. I hope that'll keep it pretty safe from damage.

Pressing info:-

Solid White - /150
Solid Blue - /350
Solid Orange - /500
Solid Pink - /500 (Tour/Distro Press)

Bloody Knees - Stitches 12"

Another lo-fi emo band I had no idea about, but Bloody Knees and this LP has become one of my favourite chill-out records. More people really need to hear Bloody Knees.

Pressing info-

Red w/Black Smoke - /150
Transparent Yellow - /350

Ojne - Undici/Dodici 12" 2nd press

Another record from 2013 that was repressed this year that I didn't already own. I'm annoyed that I missed them when they played in Leeds recently.

Pressing info:-

1st pressing -

Clear/Black Mix - /50
Clear - /150
Black - /250

2nd pressing -

Blue Marble Mix - /250

Blue Friend - I Will Be Your Blue Friend 12"

This LP has been responsible for my recent obsession with Japanese screamo and hardcore. Close up, this entire record, sleeve and all, is pretty stunning. For me, this LP sparked another step-up in the quality of Dog Knight's releases (if that were even possible).

Pressing info:-

White w/Blue Stripe - /150
Transparent Blue - /350

Headroom - Carry Me Away 7"

The second Headroom 7" of the year. I bought the pink version because I like how it matches the sleeve on this release.

Pressing info:-

Yellow w/Pink And Blue Splatter - /100
Blue w/White Smoke - /200
Solid Pink - /300

Turnover - Blue Dream 7"

This was the last 7" release of the year and Dog Knight's co-released it with US label Broken Rim Records. I had no idea, but Dog Knights released this on licence. As far as modern punk/emo goes, Turnover are one of the better bands I think.

Pressing info:-

Solid Yellow - /100
Ultra-Clear - /200
Blue/Green Mix - /300

Yumi - Epicureans 12"

Dog Knights released music by more international bands this year, than any year I can remember and from further afield. After the Blue Friend LP, Darren announced the release of this LP by Singaporean band Yumi. Yumi sit at the heavier end of the screamo spectrum, sort of like You'll Live. It's bloody good though. This release was very limited and came pressed on clear vinyl with a gold/black stripe that looks really cool when held up to the light.

Pressing info:-

Ultra Clear w/Gold And Black Stripe - /250

Disembarked - Nothing's Wrong Here 12"

This LP was responsible for a couple of firsts. It was Disembarked's first full-length, coming after last years 7" - I Do Nothing But Regret The Fact That I Left. I was also the gatefold vinyl release to come from Dog Knights.

Pressing info:-

Black - /100
White/Green Starburst - /200
Ultra-Clear w/Blue And White Splatter - /200

Beau Navire - Hours CD

Last but by no means least, I've included this Beau Navire CD because I'm in the process of completing my Dog Knight discography and this was on my want list. This goes way back to 2011 and was the label's 12th release. Thankfully, I didn't need to go anywhere near Discogs to buy it, as Darren still has copies for sale.

Pressing info:-

Card Digipak - /500

Now, onto that want list. This is all I need to complete my Dog Knights discography up to the end of 2014. If you can point me in the direction of copies that aren't expensive and are in good condition, give me a shout -

Plague Mass - Union Of Egoists LP (colour not an issue)
Traktor - Early Adopter LP (colour not an issue)
Maths - Ascent 7"
Mahria/Todos Caeran - Split 10"
Jackals/Self Loathing - Split 7" (colour not an issue)
Hospitals - Hospitals Tape (colour not an issue)
No Coast/Jackals -Split 7"
Cavalcades - Coping LP

Pretty much everything I included above is still available from Dog Knights Productions here - http://dogknightsproductions.bigcartel.com

All releases can be streamed here (including songs from recently announced release for 2015!) - https://dogknightsproductions.bandcamp.com

Dog Knights Productions Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dogknights

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Going forward...

I've not given this blog much of my time recently and I'm getting a bit bored of it in it's current form.
As we're coming to the end of the year, I'm going to be doing a couple of big discography posts and will try and write about some other stuff. Will be including tapes too. That's all for now.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

0073 - Ruined Families - S/T 7"

I think I picked up this 7" at the same time as I picked up the My First Failure LP, I wrote about a month back. I have no great excuse for the gap between posts.

This is a lovely release and has a special significance for me, as it was the first record I picked up that an OBI strip.

The sleeve itself is a nice 6-panel one, with the artwork from the front of the sleeve, carrying on throughout.

Sorry for my less than straight photos, but these were to show both the outside and the inside of the sleeve.

The back of the sleeve simply has the songs listed.


Side A -
1. Voidealism
2. You Will Become Like Your Father

Side B -
3. Bedroom Nihilist
4. Quiet

There's a double-sided insert too, with one side showing the credits and the logos of the labels involved  in the release. They were Halo Of Flies, Dog Knights Productions, Gardens and Adagio830.

I bought the black pressing. There were two pressings of this 7" -

1st pressing - 100 on Reddish clear and 400 on Black
2nd pressing - 300 on White

For those who are unfamiliar with Ruined Families, they're from Greece and they play punk, though it's hard to classify them. Have a listen to this record below via their bandcamp page -

You can get it as a name-your-price download directly from their bandcamp page, but if you want the physical record, head to the following places -

Halo Of Flies (USA) - http://www.halooffliesrecords.com/label-releases/ruined-families-st-7/
Gardens (Greece) - http://iamgardens.bigcartel.com/product/ruined-families-self-titled-7
Adagio830 (Germany) - http://www.bisaufsmesser.com/store/records/7-/9182/ruined-families-same-7

Dog Knights Productions have sold out of their copies.

Ruined Families Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ruinedfamilies
Halo Of Flies Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HALOOFFLIESRECORDS
Dog Knights Productions Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dogknights
Adagio830 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ADAGIO830

Gardens does not have a Facebook page.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

0072 - My First Failure - S/T LP

This was the next record in my posting pile and I've been doing a bit of research into this morning and it's quite a special record for a few reasons. It was the second album from German hardcore band My First Failure. It was released on CD by Demons Run Amok Entertainment, who licenced the vinyl pressing to Dog Knights Productions and Brain Ache Records. According to the back of the record sleeve, this was the first record to be released by both labels.

Despite the fact that I can't take a straight picture, I think this record has a really attractive cover. The back of the sleeve contains the song titles and which side they're on, which is a nice touch.


Side A -
1. Alive
2. Getting Through
3. Restless
4. Until Today

Side B -
5. The Past
6. About Hearts
7. Turn The Page

In terms of the record itself, there were 250 copies pressed. The pressing should have been made up of 50 pre-order copies on black with silk-screened outer covers, 50 Euro tour copies on half-cream/half-black with silk-screened outer covers and 150 copies on clear with brown and black splatter but there was a mistake at the pressing plant and they ended up with:-

50 on black with silk-screened covers (Pre-order version)
50 on clear with brown and black splatter with silk-screened covers (Euro tour press)
150 on clear with brown and black splatter (Standard press)
(Note: If this is incorrect, please let me know)

I don't think My First Failure are active anymore.

You can stream the record at Brain Ache's bandcamp page below:-

In terms of getting hold of a copy, Dog Knights have long sold out of their copies as have Brain Ache. It looks like you'll have to rely on Discogs or the usual distros again.

Dog Knights Productions Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dogknights
Brain Ache Records Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/brainacherecord
Demons Run Amok Entertainment Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/demonsrunamok

Monday, 4 August 2014

0071 - Heksed - S/T LP

Now, I've been reading a lot of vinyl blogs recently, mainly Screaming For RecordsUtopia BanishedSkull FuckedTotality and others and it's made me realise that I have a long way to go to make mine as good as those ones. My main blog This Noise Is Ours takes up most of my time, but this one will always be going as long as I'm buying vinyl (which probably will be forever!).

This post follows on from my last one about the Hang The Bastard and is also a nod to xTinox of Hardcore/Metal vinyl blog, as I know he likes these types of records. It's also sort of poignant as Heksed have gone on hiatus.

I can't remember where I picked this up from but I think it was directly from the band. It's another records with no band logo on the front cover and it's black/white artwork gives a real old-school feel. It was self-released too and feature the band's take on Holy Terror hardcore.

Things are kept simple on the inside of the gatefold sleeve too, with no lyrics/song-titles written anywhere and just a small space used for credits.


Side A -
1. Bleeding In A Red Dress
2. Shallow
3. Mater
4. She Walks On Thorns
5. Trash Your Demons

Side B -
6. The Prophet
7. Bloodstains
8. Fracture

The artwork also features on the centre stickers. This was a one time pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl. I love it!

If anyone could point me in the direction of a Red copy of the Heksed/Deathseekers split 7" and a copy of the Revolver, Oslo cassette that Midnight Funeral pressed, I'd have a completed Heksed discography!

It terms of availability, this LP have long sold out but you may be able to pick it up from Discogs or the usual places. Good luck.

Heksed Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HEKSED

Monday, 28 July 2014

0070 - Hang The Bastard - Hang The Bastard 12"

One of first bands I properly latched onto when I started collecting records was Hang The Bastard. I'm not sure why, but I liked their music at the time and was mainly buying records from UK bands/labels then. This one formed yet another part of the 2012 TDON vinyl club. Don't worry, I do have records from other labels too!

This LP pre-dated a lot of their line-up changes and their signing with Century Media/Siege of Amida.

I like the way this sleeve has been done, with no band logo's or titles on the front or back, except for the TDON logo at the top. For the most part, the artwork is unblemished and it helps you appreciate it more I think.

All of the songs and their lyrics are printed inside the gatefold sleeve.


A1. Intro
A2. Interplanetary Portals
A3. Lesser Gods
B1. The Year Is One
B2. Rivers Edge

This is the black version, which it turns out the rarest colour-way.

Pressing info -

100 on Black vinyl
200 on Clear Red/Yellow vinyl

It's sold out now, but you might still be able to find second-hand copies floating about in the usual places.

You can stream the LP here:-

Hang The Bastard Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hangthebastard
TDON Records Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tdonrecords

Friday, 25 July 2014

0069 - Crossbreaker/No Reality - Split 7"

I seem to recall getting this split in a package from the 2012 TDON vinyl club (sorry I keep posting about TDON records, I have a lot!). Anyway, as I already had a copy of Lows 7" that Crossbreaker released in 2011, it was nice to complete their discography. There is due to be a discography LP release at some point, but Crossbreaker themselves are no more. No Reality also called it a day I think but have new bands. Both bands played great strands of UK hardcore/metal. This was their only official vinyl release, though they did release a full-length called Beyond The Infinite that was due to be released too, but I don't think it ever saw a release for some reason, which was a pity for the band.

This was a nice package overall, with gloomy artwork adorning the front sleeve.

Unlike the Grader 7" I posted about yesterday, this split came with a double sided lyric insert.


Side A - Crossbreaker -
1. The Bastard Sons Of Yesterday
2. Nightmares
3. Open Lungs

Side B - No Reality -
4. The White Druid
5. March Of The Galahad
6. Born In Denial

This split was pressed onto three different colours -

200 - Clear Purple
200 - Clear Dark Green
70 - Black

These are long since sold out from TDON, but you may be able to pick copies up from Discogs or various distros.

You can stream the split here - http://tdonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/crossbreaker-no-reality-split

Crossbreaker Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/crossbreakerhc
No Reality Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/n0reality
TDON Records Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tdonrecords