Wednesday, 25 July 2012

0016 - ANGST - S/T 7"

This was the second release I picked up from Purgatory Records. It was a split release with Worthless Nights Records.

The cover features the band's name down it's spine, so not to taint the angry shot of their vocalist.

The back of the sleeve includes the song titles in faint grey writing, along with the label motifs and a picture of a live show, with one solitary slam dancer.

Tracklist -

1. On My Own
2. (Interlude) 
3. Lies Protect
4. Mind Escape
5. Youth
6. The Weight Of A Heart

Both sides of the record are pressed in White vinyl with purple splatter and feature a white centre sticker. The trouble is, I can't tell which side is A or B.

Again, Purgatory Records still have some copies of this record for sale, for £1! Just go to

0015 - Breaking Point - Judgement 7"

This was the first of two records I ordered from Purgatory Records. This is another great slab of British hardcore.

Again, the front cover of the record sleeve is uncomplicated, with both band and title printed prominently.

The back of the sleeve lists the sides and songs contained herein, as well as Purgatory's motif at the bottom.

Tracklist -
Side A -
1. Judgement
2. Condemnation

Side B -
3. Season Of My Discontent
4. Great Divide

There's a two sided insert, featuring the lyrics to the song on one side...

... and the credits/thanks list on the other.

The copy I got was the Black/White version, that has black splatter on the white side of the vinyl.

Each side has a big centre sticker displaying the side, and in this case, reminding you of the band and title.

The B side features a live hardcore show scene on the centre sticker.

The release also came with a download code.

500 were pressed by Purgatory Records. 100 on Black/White vinyl, 100 on White/Purple splatter vinyl and 300 on Black vinyl. Purgatory have copies of the black version still at

0014 - Crossbreaker - Lows 7"

This 7" came around the same time as the Oathbreaker 7" I posted about a couple of weeks ago. This release was split between Holy Roar Records and Thirty Days of Nights Records, where I got my copy from, through their singles club.

The artwork on the front sleeve is very uncomplicated, in moody black, with the key artwork and title in yellow.

The back cover is the same. It's got the song titles printed on it, as well as the motifs of the labels at the bottom, which both look wicked.


1. Woe Is Me
2. Time Is Making Fools of Us
3. Gravity Ghost
4. Sundown.

Such is the care taken with this release, that inside the main sleeve the record comes in a secondary sleeve, featuring the same artwork but in silvery white.

The rear of this secondary sleeve acts as the lyric and credits insert.

The record was pressed on black and yellow vinyl, with big centre stickers which named the side and the songs on that particular side.

Side A - Black with yellow splodges.

Side B - Yellow with black splodges.

There were 500 copies pressed altogether. 250 by Holy Roar on transparent red vinyl and 250 by TDON on this Black/Yellow vinyl. As far as I know, both presses are sold out, unsurprisingly.

There may be the copy floating around on places like Ebay and Dead Format, other than that you'll need to keep fishing through distros if you want a copy.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Crossbreaker, they're an awesome hardcore band from South Wales. You can find them at

Saturday, 21 July 2012

0013 - No Turning Back - Reaching Forward 7"

This next band are the band that sparked my fascination with Dutch hardcore. I'd picked a few of their albums on CD but when I saw this 7", I snapped it up. I picked it up from Commitment Records UK.

I typical No Turning Back style, this is an uncomplicated release. The Front of the sleeve features a typical hardcore crowd shot, along with NTB's logo in big, eye catching font.

The rear of the sleeve is the same, with the song titles on.

Tracklist -
Side A -
1. Justice
2. Not Anymore

Side B -
3. Take The World
4. Brotherhood

The inside cover of the sleeve features the song lyrics and release credits.

The record itself, was pressed on black vinyl,  with centre stickers on both sides featuring the song titles -

Side A -

Side B -

Reaching Forward was released by Reflections Records and as far as I can tell, was limited to 500 copies worldwide.

The record also came with three random hardcore flyers.

I think this is sold out, as I can't find any for sale now at the Reflections Records online store or at Commitment Records UK, but you may still be able to find copies from distros or other labels.

This 7" is a short sharp blast of Dutch hardcore, at it's best.

Recent arrivals....

So in the last few days, I've received the four records I bid for and won via Ebay -

Rot In Hell/The Process - Split (7" Black vinyl)

Brain Dead/Rot In Hell - Millennial Psychosis split (7" Black vinyl)

Last Witness - Give Up (7" Clear vinyl)

The Rise - Reclamation Process (12" White w/Pink splatter vinyl)

It was my first time properly bidding on Ebay, so I don't think this was a bad haul.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

0012 - Gallows/November Coming Fire - Split 7"

I bought this separately from Thirty Days of Night Records as since I'd got NCF's Evocation 7", I'd started getting hooked on them.

The copy I got was the second press, but there was a first press done with a different cover and purple vinyl in 2007, which was limited to 100 copies, as far as I can tell. This pressing was done in 2010.

Each side of the record sleeve featured different artwork for both bands.

Gallows side -

The Gallows side also featured details of when the tracks were recorded, as well as the tracks themselves:-

1. Sick Of Feeling Sick
2. If Credit's What Matters, I'll Take Credit (Hot Snakes cover)

November Coming Fire Side -

Same for the NCF side

1. Return of The Black Dog
2. Bear Away (Murder City Devils cover)

Both sides of the record itself were different colours too:-

Side A -

Side A is a mixture of brown and black coloured vinyl with a grey centre sticker. The band names are printed on it with no vowels.

Side B -

Side B is black vinyl with subtle grey patches and a light blue centre sticker, featuring the vowels missing from Side A.

Pressing info -

For this second pressing there was three different colour-ways - 100 on black, 200 on brown/black haze (this one) and 200 on white/blue.

Again, I don't think you can pick these up anymore from TDON. There are some for sale on of both the first and second presses, but prices seem to be extortionate. Distros or Dead Format seem to be places to go.

Gallows -
November Coming Fire -

0011 - Oathbreaker - S/T 7"

This S/T 7" from Belgian band Oathbreaker, was the next 7" I received as part of the Thirty Day's of Night singles club last year.

The record sleeve front is made of some really striking light/dark grey artwork, which seems to be symmetrical.

The rear of the sleeve has some similarly striking artwork on, as well as the song listing.

Tracklist -
Side A -
1. Mindless
2.  Shelter

Side B -
3. Downfall
4. Mirror

Side A

Like most of the other singles club releases, this was pressed on black vinyl, with nice grey centre stickers. In the bottom right if the centre sticker, it says that this is "TDON029" in white.

Side B

Side B features the same face that is on the cover of the sleeve, but in a lighter grey.

There was no insert with this release, it was just plain and simple.

Pressing info -

From reading Oathbreaker's own Tumblr page at, it says that this 7" was put out on two different presses.

The first press was of 500 grey w/black splatter coloured 7"s.

The second press featured three different colour-ways - 100 on black, 100 on blue/purple and 100 on yellow w/red splatter. At the time of going on sale, all three of these were available as a pack with a free patch.

All pressings were done by TDON. Now, I don't think that TDON have anymore of these, but you may be able to pick them up from various distros and there are a couple floating about on

You could always get in touch with Oathbreaker directly at

Saturday, 7 July 2012

0010 - Truth Inside - S/T 7"

I haven't posted on here for a while, mainly because I'm slack, so I thought address that with this little ditty.

I bought this 7" a while back, by Panama City, Florida straight edge band Truth Inside. The only problem is, I can't remember who from. I think it was Commitment Records UK.

I think i was going through a bit a straight edge hardcore thing at the time, as I'd started getting in xCurraheex at that point.

This is a five track 7".

Side A -
1. Keeping It Alive
2. Goals & Dreams

Side B -
3. Let's Get Right
4. True Talk
5. Truth Inside

The copy I got was pressed on glorious White vinyl.

Side A

It features a cool black centre sticker with the song titles.

Side B

Side B just feature a tide X in the centre, to show the bands allegiance to straight edge.

The record sleeve opens out to show the lyric sheet and thanks comments.

It also came with various flyers and a download card.

The record was pressed in the following colour-ways by Ugly and Proud Records:-

White Vinyl - 125
Grey Vinyl - 100
Black Vinyl - 225

You can pick it up from Ugly and Proud Records at

Truth Inside can be found on Facebook at