Sunday, 15 July 2012

0012 - Gallows/November Coming Fire - Split 7"

I bought this separately from Thirty Days of Night Records as since I'd got NCF's Evocation 7", I'd started getting hooked on them.

The copy I got was the second press, but there was a first press done with a different cover and purple vinyl in 2007, which was limited to 100 copies, as far as I can tell. This pressing was done in 2010.

Each side of the record sleeve featured different artwork for both bands.

Gallows side -

The Gallows side also featured details of when the tracks were recorded, as well as the tracks themselves:-

1. Sick Of Feeling Sick
2. If Credit's What Matters, I'll Take Credit (Hot Snakes cover)

November Coming Fire Side -

Same for the NCF side

1. Return of The Black Dog
2. Bear Away (Murder City Devils cover)

Both sides of the record itself were different colours too:-

Side A -

Side A is a mixture of brown and black coloured vinyl with a grey centre sticker. The band names are printed on it with no vowels.

Side B -

Side B is black vinyl with subtle grey patches and a light blue centre sticker, featuring the vowels missing from Side A.

Pressing info -

For this second pressing there was three different colour-ways - 100 on black, 200 on brown/black haze (this one) and 200 on white/blue.

Again, I don't think you can pick these up anymore from TDON. There are some for sale on of both the first and second presses, but prices seem to be extortionate. Distros or Dead Format seem to be places to go.

Gallows -
November Coming Fire -


  1. One of the few thirty days releases I want/wanted but don't have

    1. One of the purple first presses was for sale on Ebay recently, but it ended today. I bid on it but didn't win. You don't see many around now. There's a couple going on but they are stupidly pricey. You could see if anyone is selling one on Dead Format possibly.