Saturday, 21 July 2012

0013 - No Turning Back - Reaching Forward 7"

This next band are the band that sparked my fascination with Dutch hardcore. I'd picked a few of their albums on CD but when I saw this 7", I snapped it up. I picked it up from Commitment Records UK.

I typical No Turning Back style, this is an uncomplicated release. The Front of the sleeve features a typical hardcore crowd shot, along with NTB's logo in big, eye catching font.

The rear of the sleeve is the same, with the song titles on.

Tracklist -
Side A -
1. Justice
2. Not Anymore

Side B -
3. Take The World
4. Brotherhood

The inside cover of the sleeve features the song lyrics and release credits.

The record itself, was pressed on black vinyl,  with centre stickers on both sides featuring the song titles -

Side A -

Side B -

Reaching Forward was released by Reflections Records and as far as I can tell, was limited to 500 copies worldwide.

The record also came with three random hardcore flyers.

I think this is sold out, as I can't find any for sale now at the Reflections Records online store or at Commitment Records UK, but you may still be able to find copies from distros or other labels.

This 7" is a short sharp blast of Dutch hardcore, at it's best.

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