Saturday, 23 June 2012

009 - The Departed/Demoraliser - Split 7"

I bought this 7" directly from The Departed via their bigcartel page.

The 7" features two tracks by both bands.

Tracklist -
Side A - The Departed
1. Fools Will Follow (Feat: Ex-Your Demise vocalist George Noble)
2. Bedroom Days

Side B - Demoraliser
1. Bitter Springs
2. Trading Places

The vinyl itself is limited to 250 and pressed on clear Red vinyl with grey splatter. It also feature a centre sticker on each to mark the sides.

Side A

Side B

You can still pick copies up from both The Departed at and from Demoraliser at

The record also comes with a free download code for the songs.

Some recent arrivals....

Before I post about stuff I've got, I thought I'd post about some of my recent arrivals -

First of all, my recent haul from Dog Knights Productions -

1) The Mire/Chronos - split 10" (Blue vinyl). Great artwork too.

2) The Mire - Volume II 12" (Light blue/Green vinyl). Again, great artwork.

3) V/A - Dans L'isolement, Solidaires 12" featuring Life In The Dark, It Is Imperative, Blackdays Architecture, Gholas and Plague Sermon (Clear w/White splatter vinyl)

They sent me two random free 7"s with my order too -

1) Jackals/Grazes - Split 7" (Green vinyl)

2) Allie - Alt Eisen 7" (Purple vinyl)

Then yesterday, my impulse buy from Earache records showed up -

1) Beecher - This Elegy, His Autopsy 5x7" box set (Black vinyl)

Also, not vinyl but worth a shout out is the Let It Die demo tape I got from Church of Fuck the other week.

That rounds of the recent arrivals, but I'm waiting for more still which may take a bit longer to arrive. Oh the joys of being a record collector!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New posts coming.....

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. New one's coming soon as well as a post on recent records and one's on order.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

008 - xCurraheex - We Stand Strong 7"

I ordered this one at the same time as the "Why We Fight" 7"

This is a five track 7" and again it's another release with great cover art, which is partly the reason I was drawn to it.

Side A -
1. Choose Your Path
2. It's Not For Me
3. Make This A Scene

Side B -
4. Out of Line
5. Another Try

Side A

Side B

Both sides feature a printed sticker, featuring the bands logo and a label logo. The record was pressed by Double Crossed Records.

Inside, there's a printed lyric and thanks sheet.

Inside, I also got a flyer and an awesome sticker.

From what I can tell, 500 of We Stand Strong have been pressed in two colour-ways:-

100 on Sky Blue vinyl and 400 on Black vinyl.

You can still pick up copies direct from Double Crossed records at or from various distros.

007 - xCurraheex - Why We Fight 7"

I've been a bit rubbish with this recently, so I thought I'd better pull my finger out and post about another record or two.

I ordered this shortly after "Back On Track", as I was really getting the vinyl bug, plus xCurraheex are awesome. The other thing that struck me about this 7" was the artwork, which fits in really well with xCurraheex's posi hardcore image.

The 7" features 7 tracks, as illustrated above.

Side A -
1. Intro
2. No Frills Hardcore
3. Still In Control
4. Encouragement

Side B -
5. Forward is The Only Way
6. Take Our Time
7. B Positive

When you open the sleeve itself, the songs and lyrics are present along with a thanks list and a short list of bands that xCurraheex back.

Side A

The record is obviously pressed on black vinyl. The A side has the track names printed on the camouflage centre sticker.

Side B

The centre sticker on this side features the artwork again from the cover of the record.

I also got a couple of additional flyers too.

The 7" was pressed by Commitment records and was limited to 500 on black vinyl. You can still pick copies up from the label at for 6 Euros (PPD) and you may also be able to pick copies up from various distros too. I bought mine directly from the band.

The music itself is great, British posi hardcore from a great homegrown, straightedge band.