Tuesday, 5 June 2012

008 - xCurraheex - We Stand Strong 7"

I ordered this one at the same time as the "Why We Fight" 7"

This is a five track 7" and again it's another release with great cover art, which is partly the reason I was drawn to it.

Side A -
1. Choose Your Path
2. It's Not For Me
3. Make This A Scene

Side B -
4. Out of Line
5. Another Try

Side A

Side B

Both sides feature a printed sticker, featuring the bands logo and a label logo. The record was pressed by Double Crossed Records.

Inside, there's a printed lyric and thanks sheet.

Inside, I also got a flyer and an awesome sticker.

From what I can tell, 500 of We Stand Strong have been pressed in two colour-ways:-

100 on Sky Blue vinyl and 400 on Black vinyl.

You can still pick up copies direct from Double Crossed records at http://www.doublexcrossed.bigcartel.com/ or from various distros.

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