Friday, 17 May 2013

0054 - xCurraheex/Truth Inside/xUnforcex - One Common Goal In Sight 7"

Shortly before xCurraheex split they released this three-way split 7". It also features US straight-edgers Truth Inside and xUnforcex from the Philippines. I ordered this record pretty much straight after it was announced, as I had xCurraheex's other 7"s, but more importantly because I liked the band and their message. They had actually opened my eyes up to a lot of cool straight-edge bands, and while not straight-edge myself, I could appreciate their music and the positivity of their lyrics. I picked this up from Commitment Records UK, which is run by the band's drummer Mike Dearden.

Like their other releases, the artwork was top notch.

The insert was a 6-panel fold out job, with the songs/lyrics on the underside. This insert was different though, as it also contained an alternative version of the cover art for each of the bands.

To me each piece highlights the band personality as well as their individuality.

The record itself features eight tracks:-

1. xCurraheex - The Fight Goes On
2. xCurraheex - Got Your Back
3. xCurraheex - I Opened My Eyes
4. xCurraheex - Time To React
5. Truth Inside - Try Harder
6. Truth Inside - Hospitality
7. xUnforcex - Take A Stand And Rise Against
8. xUnforcex - Refusing To Live By Your Lies

I picked up a Yellow copy of the record. There were three different colour pressings, one for each band.

Pressing info is below:-

200 on White (xCurraheex version)
200 on Crystal Clear (xUnforcex version)
200 on Yellow (Truth Inside version)

You can still pick up copies of the Clear and Yellow pressings from Commitment Records UK at

For people in the Philippines, you can pick one up directly from xUnforcex at

Also, here's a link to a review I did on my other blog - This Noise Is Ours -

Thursday, 16 May 2013

0052 - 0053 - Lonewolves - A True Discourse 7"

In my last post, when I talked about the records I bought from Night Terrors distro, I forgot to mention this record. I got a copy free with my order, which was cool. I hadn't heard of Lonewolves before, but I noticed that the record had been released by TDON, so was pretty pleased with it.

I few months later in a TDON order, I got a second copy, which was different colour-way, so I felt I should post about both of them together, it's only right!


1. Shadows & Dust
2. Death March
3. Deity

The CD version of this 7" was released by Holy Roar!

In my Night Terrors Package, I got the grey pressing -

My second copy is the black/w faint red+faint grey splatter (though you can't really make it out in my pictures) -

There was also a standard black pressing, which was only available as part of limited triple pack.

There was 300 copies pressed. Pressing numbers are below:-

Grey vinyl - 100
Black w/faint Red+faint Grey splatter - 100
Black - 100

These pressing figures are as accurate as I could get em, feel free to correct me.

This has sold out from TDON and Lonewolves are no longer a band, but you can still buy  both the triple pack and individual copies from Blitz Hardcore at

Saturday, 4 May 2013

0050 - 0051 - Night Terrors Distro stuff

Ages ago, I stumbled across a distro called Night Terrors. It was run by Gio Infantino (Esoteric Youth) and he later released the first Esoteric Youth demo press, plus tapes for Nisroch and Snakes amongst others. Anyway, this was well before those tapes were released, but I picked up a couple of records.

0050 - Alpinist/Masakari - Split 12"

This split features German hardcore band Alpinist and US hardcore band Masakari. People should be familiar with both bands by now.

This records was a collaborative release by European label Alerta Antifascista and US label Halo of Flies

The record includes a really nice looking, double sided A3 insert featuring the artwork on one side and lyrics on the other.

Side A - Alpinist -
1. Abgerichtet
2. Subjection
3. Steps
4. Postmodern Problems
5. Unwanted Encore
6. Quelle Valeur Reste?

Side B - Masakari -
7. The Obscene Underbelly
8. Void Manufacturing
9. Sleep
10. Q. Culture A. Resist
11. Trapped In The Mold
12. Progress
13. Hexenhammer
14. Modulation

The record was pressed on substantial 180g vinyl. My copy is the black press. The centre stickers mark each side out by simply including the first initial of each band in small font.

There was an European and a US pressing of this record. Pressing info is below:-

European pressing (Alerta Antifascista):-

100 Silver vinyl with Black haze
100 Grey vinyl with Black haze
100 White vinyl with Black haze
700 Black vinyl

US Pressing (Halo of Flies):-

100 Marble Grey /Black
1100 Black

These pressing figures are as accurate as I could get them, but feel free to correct me if they are incorrect.

The Halo of Flies pressing is out of print. You can still pick up both Black and Silver w/Black haze copies from Alerta Antifascista via

0051 - Closure - S/T 7"

I also picked up  a copy of Closure's S/T 7" which was released by Feast of Tentacles. Closure were a kick-ass UK hardcore band, who're no longer together. Again, I'm sure people are fairly familiar with them.

The cover is a folded cover, with the inside featuring a band pic, the lyrics and credits.

Side A -
1. Escape
2. Blistered Skin
3. Death Scent
4. Black Shore

Side B -
5. The Cloth
6. Limbs
7. Vaccine
8. Sada Abe

I picked up a clear copy, which looks and sounds ace!

Pressing info below:-

10 Test Presses
30 Last Show presses with special covers (Not sure on colour)
500 on Clear Vinyl

I gather that Feast of Tentacles are down to their last copy of this. Pick it up here You may also find copies in random distros and on Discogs/Ebay, but check distros first.

Night Terrors no longer does distro or tapes, but they still have some T-shirts on sale here

I think a lot of their stock also ended up at V Revolution in Manchester. Check out their web page here -

Thursday, 2 May 2013

0046 - 0049 - Hang Tight Records stuff

I like pop-punk. I'm not gonna hide that fact either. I needed some pop-punk to listen too because at the time, all I was listening to was really dark, angry hardcore and grind. I came across UK label Hang Tight Records while trawling Facebook at check out the store (sadly they are now running down their stock and closing). They were having a sale of sorts, so I bought these four records:-

0046 - Challenges/Who's Driving? Bear's Driving! - Split 7"

As always, it was the artwork that drew me to this release. The cover was actually a fold-over cover that could be turned over depending on which band's artwork you wanted showing. The pics above are the front and back of Challenges cover art.

This is the Who's Driving? Bear's Driving! artwork.

Each band has two tracks on this release:-

Side A - Who's Driving? Bear's Driving!
1. I Like You A Latte
2. Sympathy

Side B - Challenges
3. Present For A Best Friend
4. Everyone Loves Maverick

The 7" was pressed on Yellow w/Blue splatter vinyl and includes cool centre stickers that mark which band is on which side, as well as their song titles.

There were 400 of these pressed in total as far as I can tell.

This is a great little split between a UK and a US punk bands. It's short but makes up for it in the quality of the songs.

Challenges -
Who's Driving? Bear's Driving -

0047 - Carridale - Relapse In The River City 12"

I decided to take a punt of a few other records, so decided to grab this 12" first. Carridale are a US punk band and it was the first time I'd come across them.

The packaging for the LP was pretty simple. Heck, it didn't even come with a lyric insert!

The LP itself contains seven songs:-

1. How Did I End Up Here?
2. A Lesson in Sematics
3. Count On Me
4. One Girl's Trash is Another Girl's Trash
5. Relapse in the River City
6. Circular Logic
7. My Oubliette

I picked up the clear colour-way of this records. There's no real way of discerning which is side A or B as the centre stickers are both the some, although one side contains four tracks and the other three.

There were two other colour-ways as well as this one. I've also included the pressing info below:-

70 on Clear
170 on Semi-Translucent Brown
195 on Black

Again, this record is well worth getting if you want to take a punt at some decent and melodic pop-punk.

Carridale -

0048 - Me vs Hero - Days That Shape Our Lives 12"

The second of my random buys was this one from Me Vs Hero.

This has grown to be one of my favourite records, purely for the feel good factor.


1. Can You Count Sucker?
2. Days That Shape Our Lives
3. Cashing Cheques
4. Star Raiders and Space Invaders
5. Draw The Line
6. She Still Knows
7. A Loss In The Ranks
8. What Seems To Be The Officer, Problem?
9. My Warren Sense is Tingling
10. We're Not Going Home (we don't care what time it is)

This record did come with a decent lyric insert which doubled up as the records inner sleeve.

The record is bright green and has centre stickers which tell you the sides and the songs.

Pressing info is below:-

100 on Translucent Green/Blue Splatter
400 on Translucent Green

You should get this record.

Me Vs Hero -

0049 - With The Punches - It's Not The End Of The World 12"

The last record I got was from NY pop-punkers With The Punches.

Again, the lyric insert also acted as the inner record sleeve

The record itself only contains five songs, so is more like an EP.


1. Never Stop
2. No...I'm Not Going To 80's Night
3. No Blood, No Foul
4. Dead Weight
5. Hulk Hands

I really like the glossy red of this record.

There was two colour-ways pressed for this record. Pressing details are below:-

65 on Clear/Red Splatter
365 on Red

With The Punches -

As I mentioned above, Hang Tight Records is no longer operation as a label. If you want to check out any of these records, you'd be best to approach the bands to find out where they are stocked or look on Discogs.