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0050 - 0051 - Night Terrors Distro stuff

Ages ago, I stumbled across a distro called Night Terrors. It was run by Gio Infantino (Esoteric Youth) and he later released the first Esoteric Youth demo press, plus tapes for Nisroch and Snakes amongst others. Anyway, this was well before those tapes were released, but I picked up a couple of records.

0050 - Alpinist/Masakari - Split 12"

This split features German hardcore band Alpinist and US hardcore band Masakari. People should be familiar with both bands by now.

This records was a collaborative release by European label Alerta Antifascista and US label Halo of Flies

The record includes a really nice looking, double sided A3 insert featuring the artwork on one side and lyrics on the other.

Side A - Alpinist -
1. Abgerichtet
2. Subjection
3. Steps
4. Postmodern Problems
5. Unwanted Encore
6. Quelle Valeur Reste?

Side B - Masakari -
7. The Obscene Underbelly
8. Void Manufacturing
9. Sleep
10. Q. Culture A. Resist
11. Trapped In The Mold
12. Progress
13. Hexenhammer
14. Modulation

The record was pressed on substantial 180g vinyl. My copy is the black press. The centre stickers mark each side out by simply including the first initial of each band in small font.

There was an European and a US pressing of this record. Pressing info is below:-

European pressing (Alerta Antifascista):-

100 Silver vinyl with Black haze
100 Grey vinyl with Black haze
100 White vinyl with Black haze
700 Black vinyl

US Pressing (Halo of Flies):-

100 Marble Grey /Black
1100 Black

These pressing figures are as accurate as I could get them, but feel free to correct me if they are incorrect.

The Halo of Flies pressing is out of print. You can still pick up both Black and Silver w/Black haze copies from Alerta Antifascista via

0051 - Closure - S/T 7"

I also picked up  a copy of Closure's S/T 7" which was released by Feast of Tentacles. Closure were a kick-ass UK hardcore band, who're no longer together. Again, I'm sure people are fairly familiar with them.

The cover is a folded cover, with the inside featuring a band pic, the lyrics and credits.

Side A -
1. Escape
2. Blistered Skin
3. Death Scent
4. Black Shore

Side B -
5. The Cloth
6. Limbs
7. Vaccine
8. Sada Abe

I picked up a clear copy, which looks and sounds ace!

Pressing info below:-

10 Test Presses
30 Last Show presses with special covers (Not sure on colour)
500 on Clear Vinyl

I gather that Feast of Tentacles are down to their last copy of this. Pick it up here You may also find copies in random distros and on Discogs/Ebay, but check distros first.

Night Terrors no longer does distro or tapes, but they still have some T-shirts on sale here

I think a lot of their stock also ended up at V Revolution in Manchester. Check out their web page here -

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