Thursday, 16 May 2013

0052 - 0053 - Lonewolves - A True Discourse 7"

In my last post, when I talked about the records I bought from Night Terrors distro, I forgot to mention this record. I got a copy free with my order, which was cool. I hadn't heard of Lonewolves before, but I noticed that the record had been released by TDON, so was pretty pleased with it.

I few months later in a TDON order, I got a second copy, which was different colour-way, so I felt I should post about both of them together, it's only right!


1. Shadows & Dust
2. Death March
3. Deity

The CD version of this 7" was released by Holy Roar!

In my Night Terrors Package, I got the grey pressing -

My second copy is the black/w faint red+faint grey splatter (though you can't really make it out in my pictures) -

There was also a standard black pressing, which was only available as part of limited triple pack.

There was 300 copies pressed. Pressing numbers are below:-

Grey vinyl - 100
Black w/faint Red+faint Grey splatter - 100
Black - 100

These pressing figures are as accurate as I could get em, feel free to correct me.

This has sold out from TDON and Lonewolves are no longer a band, but you can still buy  both the triple pack and individual copies from Blitz Hardcore at

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