Thursday, 28 November 2013

0060 - Hexis - X 7"

I'm back! who knows how long for this time. Anyway, this post follows on from the Beau Navire/Republic of Dreams record I posted about ages ago. It's about Danish black metal/hardcore band Hexis. I think this was he first record I owned by the band and I was pretty blown away by it.

I liked the simple, dark aesthetic of the band. Especially within the artwork for this record. The 7" is itself is a three-track single-sided affair. 


1. Evinco
2. Aspernatio
3. Procella

There were 550 copies pressed of X, all on black vinyl. It was a collaboration by five labels from various parts of Europe as well as the US.  The labels are listed below:-

IFB Records (USA) - (I think IFB have sold out of their copies)
Parade of Spectres (UK - RIP)  -
Maximum Douglas (FRA) -
Orchidscent Records (FRA) -

You can also get copies via Hexis' own bigcartel page -