Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ultrashitinferno/Jazzfinger - Split 7"

I picked this 7" up as part of my order from Tombs In The Valley Productions. It still remains a bit of a mystery to me too. Weird drone/noise/electronic music from two UK bands

It came with an screenprinted OBI strip -

The cover is also screenprinted but has no song-titles or anything on it, just a bizarre Octopus sprawled across both the front and back of the sleeve.

As far as I can tell, there were just 200 copies of this record pressed. 50 included a screenprinted sleeve, so I'm guessing this must be part of that pressing. It was released by obscure label Do It Rubbishly. 

The rest of the copies included the original record artwork or were housed in old random record sleeve according to Discogs.

It features one track from each band - 

1. Ultrashitinferno - Untitled
2. Jazzfinger - Three Bottles Of Dissolved Time

my copy comes on black vinyl with standard white centre stickers. It sort of looks like a test press but I don't think it is.

That's really it for this one. As I said, a bit of mystery but you can find copies of this in distros or on Discogs if you like experimental noise or drone etc.