Monday, 23 December 2013

0062 - Terzij De Horde - A Rage of Rapture Against The Dying of The Light 12"

When I first started my blog This Noise Is Ours, I wrote a long-running series of features/reviews of Dutch bands because I loved No Turning Back and I wanted to explore more bands from the region. One band I came across was atmospheric/post-black metal band Terzij De Horde.

I got the chance to review this record digitally and then when I was browsing the distro at Feast of Tentacles, I came across a copy and ordered it straight away.

I think this was one of the first gatefold records I owed and is still one of the only post-black/black metal records in my collection.

The record features four songs:-

1. Prometheans
2. Vertigo: The Mithraic Ritual
3. The Roots of Doomsday Anxiety
4. Non Timetis Messor

Each side of the record features two tracks.

I really like the attention to detail on the LP. The centre stickers match the artwork and have the bands logo on, as well as the song appearing on each side.

The record was pressed by Antithetic Records and was limited to 500 copies on two colour-ways.

300 on Black vinyl (The first 100 were hand numbered)
200 on Gold Vinyl

Both versions are available from Antithetic and they're even selling test-presses. Head to their store here -

I strongly recommend this record to anyone who likes musical, forward-thinking post-black metal. The songs are expansive but also accessible.

Terzij De Horde Facebook -
Antithetic Records Facebook -

Monday, 16 December 2013

0061 - Veloz - Sleipnir 7"

Between writing about the Hexis 7" in my previous post and this record from Veloz, Parade of Spectres has called it a day.  This 7" was released in 2011 with the help of React With Protest Records.

Veloz are a US hardcore band from Boston, featuring ex members of other Boston bands Furnance and Genders. They formed in 2010 and have released two 7"s and a tape.

When I first set eyes on the cover of this record, I thought it was pretty menacing. The imagery is pretty dark.

Although these pictures aren't brilliant, the hand-drawn/written insert is pretty cool, especially the artwork in the first picture.

The record itself features five tracks:-

1. Wake The Plague
2. Killer Fiction
3. Yggdrasil
4. Demon Parasites
5. Second Nature

The recored was pressed on black vinyl and limited to 520 copies. They even pressed the RPM on the centre sticker!

Side A -

Side B -

You can check out the songs on this record via Veloz's bandcamp page here:-

You can buy the record from the both Parade of Spectres and React With Protest below:-

Parade of Spectres Distro -
React With Protest Records -

Thursday, 28 November 2013

0060 - Hexis - X 7"

I'm back! who knows how long for this time. Anyway, this post follows on from the Beau Navire/Republic of Dreams record I posted about ages ago. It's about Danish black metal/hardcore band Hexis. I think this was he first record I owned by the band and I was pretty blown away by it.

I liked the simple, dark aesthetic of the band. Especially within the artwork for this record. The 7" is itself is a three-track single-sided affair. 


1. Evinco
2. Aspernatio
3. Procella

There were 550 copies pressed of X, all on black vinyl. It was a collaboration by five labels from various parts of Europe as well as the US.  The labels are listed below:-

IFB Records (USA) - (I think IFB have sold out of their copies)
Parade of Spectres (UK - RIP)  -
Maximum Douglas (FRA) -
Orchidscent Records (FRA) -

You can also get copies via Hexis' own bigcartel page -

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

0059 - Beau Navire/Republic of Dreams - Split 7"

A while back now, I posted about the Hungry Lungs 7" I got. I bought the gold version from Halo of Flies and then received a second copy from UK label Parade of Spectres, as part of review package featuring another three 7"s that was destined for my other blog, of which you can read my review of here. This post is about one of the trio of records I got at the same time.

This was the first time I'd got anything by either band. Beau Navire are a killer screamo band from Oakland, California and Republic of Dreams are from Texas and features members that played in seminal screamo bands like Louise Cyphre and Resurrectionists.

This 7" was a collaborative release by five labels. I'll link them up later.

A cool selling point of this split for me is the unusual fold-out sleeve, which when in the plastic wallet, reveals the band names on the right hand side.


Side A - Beau Navire

1. Phalanx of Lenses
2. Ghostlike

Side B - Republic of Dreams

3. Golden Parachutes For The Carpetbaggers, Austerity For The Rest
4. It's Still Fucking Personal
5. A Refuge Becoming Utopia

Another plus point to this record apart from it's awesome musical contents, is the fact that the centre stickers contain the RPM of the record, which as you'll know, I like!

Now onto those labels. Six labels were involved, so here's some links to them:-

Parade of Spectres -
IFB Records -
Pure Heart Records -
Moment of Collapse -
Inkblot Records -

In terms of pressing, here's the numbers:-

300 on Olive Green vinyl
700 on Black vinyl

You can still get copies from the above labels.

Beau Navire Facebook -
Republic of Dreams Facebook -

Sunday, 25 August 2013

0058 - New Found Glory - Tip of The Iceberg 7"

Quick story if I may. When I was a young teen getting into heavy metal/punk, my initiation started with nu-metal and pop-punk. One band I really liked was New Found Glory. At the time, I didn't realise the esteem they were held in by hardcore fans. As time went on I noticed they had an alias called International Superheroes of Hardcore, but I wrote that off as a joke. As I got into Shai Hulud, I learnt that both bands shared members at one stage or another. Up until not so long ago, I only owned NFG stuff on CD, but as the final part of my Bridge Nine order, I spotted this and went for it.

I like how this cover matches their International Superheroes of Hardcore covers. It's not all about soppy pop-punk with this one!

The 7" featured two original NFG tracks on the a-side and a Gorilla Biscuits cover on the B side, though NFG called it the GB side for obvious reasons.


Side A -
1. Tip of The Iceberg
2. Dig My Own Grave

Side B -
3. No Reason Why (Gorilla Biscuits cover)

This 7" is up to it's third press with Bridge Nine. Checkout this little lot below:-

1st Press

100 on Blue Splatter vinyl (Friends Press)
1300 on Red/Black Splatter (Hot Topic Press)
2500 on White w/Red & Blue splatter
500 on Solid Yellow (With special Gorilla Biscuits style cover)

2nd Press

2500 on special picture disc

3rd Press

2000 on Black vinyl

Bridge Nine still have some White w/Red & Blue splatter 1st press, some 2nd press picture discs and some 3rd press Black copies left in their store. You can order them here -

New Found Glory Facebook -
Bridge Nine Records Website -

Saturday, 24 August 2013

0057 - Fit For Abuse/R 'N' R - Split 7"

Carrying on the Bridge Nine theme of today, along with the Death Before Dishonor 7", I also ordered two other 7"s. The first was just a random pick, as I had no clue what else I wanted. I'd not heard of either Fit For Abuse or R 'N' R when I ordered it, but I knew it would be a good un.

Also, before someone corrects me, I know the bands are the other way around on Bridge Nine, but Fit For Abuse are on the a-side, so I've switched them round in the title of the post. Call it OCD!

I really like the cover of this record. It looks like someone has just painted the band names on by hand and then covered it in flecks of paint.

That paint effect is carried on into the inner cover, but in black and white. The effect is still cool though.


Side A - Fit For Abuse
1. Hell Bent
2. Mindless Violence

Side B - R 'N' R
3. Punk's Dead. Hardcore's Next
4. Your Own Band

Like the Death Before Dishonor 7", this was also a one-time pressing as far as I can tell. It was limited to 2000 copies.

The color-ways are as follows:-

300 on Clear vinyl
700 on White vinyl
1000 on Red vinyl

Again, this 7" seems to be sold out in all color-ways from Bridge Nine. You may still be able to get it in distros, on Discogs or dare I say it, on the bay!

I can't find any social media profiles for either band but there are entries on Last FM - and 

Bridge Nine Website -

0056 - Death Before Dishonor - Our Glory Days 7"

A while ago I posted about the Dead Swans 12" I bought from Bridge Nine. At the same time, I ordered some other records and one of them was this 7" from Death Before Dishonor.

I don't think I need to talk about DBD too much, as most people who check this post out will be fairly familiar with them already and may even have this record.

I didn't realise when I bought this record, but it's actually a one-time pressing. It says so in the bottom right-hand corner of the sleeve. I feel pretty chuffed to have it in my collection.


Side A -
1. Coffin Nail
2. Our Glory Days

Side B -
3. Intimidation (The Bruisers Cover

The 7" itself was limited to 1000 copies. The color-ways are below:-

300 on White Vinyl
700 on Red Vinyl

Having browsed the Bridge Nine store today, both colours seem to be long since sold out in their store. I'm not sure where else you could get it from apart from the odd distro or on Discogs.

Bridge Nine Website - 

On a side note too, check out Tino kindly shared one of my previous posts in one of his when he was writing about a record, so I wanted to reciprocate and share his. Go check out his collection.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

0055 - Dead Swans - Anxiety And Everything Else 12"

So, after a pretty long quiet period, my conscience got the better of me and I've decided to post a new record up to show people that I'm not dead! It's also record number 55 in my collection. There's no particular order to these posts though, other than whichever record is next in my Facebook photo album. I've also altered the way I take my photos, to hopefully make the records and packaging stand out more. Feel free to let me know if it makes any difference!

Anyway, I bought this record while on a splurge in the Bridge Nine webstore. Even when I bought it, postage was pretty high from the US to England so I bought a load of stuff, the rest of which I'll post about soon. To me Dead Swans were one of the UK's best hardcore bands before they called it a day. This was the first DS release I bought as well.

I think the artwork on the from and back of the sleeve is fairly uncomplicated. The band name is really prominent on the front and I like the way that the song's have been listed per side on the back cover. That's a nice touch.


Side A -
1. I've Been Trying To Leave
2. Summer of Hate
3. Dead Until Dark
4. Keep Them Shut

Side B -
5. Since Day One
6. You Can Only Blame Yourself
7. Southern Blue

The insert is pretty cool as well. On one side Dead Swans have included a collage of live/tour pics which give an insight into their live on the road.

I ordered the Grey/Black colour-way of the LP, which it turns out was the shorter run of the two colour-ways that came out. It's also a first press.

Pressing Information:-

Grey/Black version - 500 pressed
Half Red/Half Clear version - 1000 pressed

You can still purchase both colour-ways from the Bridge Nine Store -

Friday, 17 May 2013

0054 - xCurraheex/Truth Inside/xUnforcex - One Common Goal In Sight 7"

Shortly before xCurraheex split they released this three-way split 7". It also features US straight-edgers Truth Inside and xUnforcex from the Philippines. I ordered this record pretty much straight after it was announced, as I had xCurraheex's other 7"s, but more importantly because I liked the band and their message. They had actually opened my eyes up to a lot of cool straight-edge bands, and while not straight-edge myself, I could appreciate their music and the positivity of their lyrics. I picked this up from Commitment Records UK, which is run by the band's drummer Mike Dearden.

Like their other releases, the artwork was top notch.

The insert was a 6-panel fold out job, with the songs/lyrics on the underside. This insert was different though, as it also contained an alternative version of the cover art for each of the bands.

To me each piece highlights the band personality as well as their individuality.

The record itself features eight tracks:-

1. xCurraheex - The Fight Goes On
2. xCurraheex - Got Your Back
3. xCurraheex - I Opened My Eyes
4. xCurraheex - Time To React
5. Truth Inside - Try Harder
6. Truth Inside - Hospitality
7. xUnforcex - Take A Stand And Rise Against
8. xUnforcex - Refusing To Live By Your Lies

I picked up a Yellow copy of the record. There were three different colour pressings, one for each band.

Pressing info is below:-

200 on White (xCurraheex version)
200 on Crystal Clear (xUnforcex version)
200 on Yellow (Truth Inside version)

You can still pick up copies of the Clear and Yellow pressings from Commitment Records UK at

For people in the Philippines, you can pick one up directly from xUnforcex at

Also, here's a link to a review I did on my other blog - This Noise Is Ours -

Thursday, 16 May 2013

0052 - 0053 - Lonewolves - A True Discourse 7"

In my last post, when I talked about the records I bought from Night Terrors distro, I forgot to mention this record. I got a copy free with my order, which was cool. I hadn't heard of Lonewolves before, but I noticed that the record had been released by TDON, so was pretty pleased with it.

I few months later in a TDON order, I got a second copy, which was different colour-way, so I felt I should post about both of them together, it's only right!


1. Shadows & Dust
2. Death March
3. Deity

The CD version of this 7" was released by Holy Roar!

In my Night Terrors Package, I got the grey pressing -

My second copy is the black/w faint red+faint grey splatter (though you can't really make it out in my pictures) -

There was also a standard black pressing, which was only available as part of limited triple pack.

There was 300 copies pressed. Pressing numbers are below:-

Grey vinyl - 100
Black w/faint Red+faint Grey splatter - 100
Black - 100

These pressing figures are as accurate as I could get em, feel free to correct me.

This has sold out from TDON and Lonewolves are no longer a band, but you can still buy  both the triple pack and individual copies from Blitz Hardcore at