Sunday, 25 August 2013

0058 - New Found Glory - Tip of The Iceberg 7"

Quick story if I may. When I was a young teen getting into heavy metal/punk, my initiation started with nu-metal and pop-punk. One band I really liked was New Found Glory. At the time, I didn't realise the esteem they were held in by hardcore fans. As time went on I noticed they had an alias called International Superheroes of Hardcore, but I wrote that off as a joke. As I got into Shai Hulud, I learnt that both bands shared members at one stage or another. Up until not so long ago, I only owned NFG stuff on CD, but as the final part of my Bridge Nine order, I spotted this and went for it.

I like how this cover matches their International Superheroes of Hardcore covers. It's not all about soppy pop-punk with this one!

The 7" featured two original NFG tracks on the a-side and a Gorilla Biscuits cover on the B side, though NFG called it the GB side for obvious reasons.


Side A -
1. Tip of The Iceberg
2. Dig My Own Grave

Side B -
3. No Reason Why (Gorilla Biscuits cover)

This 7" is up to it's third press with Bridge Nine. Checkout this little lot below:-

1st Press

100 on Blue Splatter vinyl (Friends Press)
1300 on Red/Black Splatter (Hot Topic Press)
2500 on White w/Red & Blue splatter
500 on Solid Yellow (With special Gorilla Biscuits style cover)

2nd Press

2500 on special picture disc

3rd Press

2000 on Black vinyl

Bridge Nine still have some White w/Red & Blue splatter 1st press, some 2nd press picture discs and some 3rd press Black copies left in their store. You can order them here -

New Found Glory Facebook -
Bridge Nine Records Website -

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