Saturday, 24 August 2013

0056 - Death Before Dishonor - Our Glory Days 7"

A while ago I posted about the Dead Swans 12" I bought from Bridge Nine. At the same time, I ordered some other records and one of them was this 7" from Death Before Dishonor.

I don't think I need to talk about DBD too much, as most people who check this post out will be fairly familiar with them already and may even have this record.

I didn't realise when I bought this record, but it's actually a one-time pressing. It says so in the bottom right-hand corner of the sleeve. I feel pretty chuffed to have it in my collection.


Side A -
1. Coffin Nail
2. Our Glory Days

Side B -
3. Intimidation (The Bruisers Cover

The 7" itself was limited to 1000 copies. The color-ways are below:-

300 on White Vinyl
700 on Red Vinyl

Having browsed the Bridge Nine store today, both colours seem to be long since sold out in their store. I'm not sure where else you could get it from apart from the odd distro or on Discogs.

Bridge Nine Website - 

On a side note too, check out Tino kindly shared one of my previous posts in one of his when he was writing about a record, so I wanted to reciprocate and share his. Go check out his collection.


  1. thanks for the shout out on your blog dude! really appreciated!

  2. Cheers. I've had it for ages, didn't realise it was as rare as it is.