Wednesday, 4 September 2013

0059 - Beau Navire/Republic of Dreams - Split 7"

A while back now, I posted about the Hungry Lungs 7" I got. I bought the gold version from Halo of Flies and then received a second copy from UK label Parade of Spectres, as part of review package featuring another three 7"s that was destined for my other blog, of which you can read my review of here. This post is about one of the trio of records I got at the same time.

This was the first time I'd got anything by either band. Beau Navire are a killer screamo band from Oakland, California and Republic of Dreams are from Texas and features members that played in seminal screamo bands like Louise Cyphre and Resurrectionists.

This 7" was a collaborative release by five labels. I'll link them up later.

A cool selling point of this split for me is the unusual fold-out sleeve, which when in the plastic wallet, reveals the band names on the right hand side.


Side A - Beau Navire

1. Phalanx of Lenses
2. Ghostlike

Side B - Republic of Dreams

3. Golden Parachutes For The Carpetbaggers, Austerity For The Rest
4. It's Still Fucking Personal
5. A Refuge Becoming Utopia

Another plus point to this record apart from it's awesome musical contents, is the fact that the centre stickers contain the RPM of the record, which as you'll know, I like!

Now onto those labels. Six labels were involved, so here's some links to them:-

Parade of Spectres -
IFB Records -
Pure Heart Records -
Moment of Collapse -
Inkblot Records -

In terms of pressing, here's the numbers:-

300 on Olive Green vinyl
700 on Black vinyl

You can still get copies from the above labels.

Beau Navire Facebook -
Republic of Dreams Facebook -

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