Friday, 17 May 2013

0054 - xCurraheex/Truth Inside/xUnforcex - One Common Goal In Sight 7"

Shortly before xCurraheex split they released this three-way split 7". It also features US straight-edgers Truth Inside and xUnforcex from the Philippines. I ordered this record pretty much straight after it was announced, as I had xCurraheex's other 7"s, but more importantly because I liked the band and their message. They had actually opened my eyes up to a lot of cool straight-edge bands, and while not straight-edge myself, I could appreciate their music and the positivity of their lyrics. I picked this up from Commitment Records UK, which is run by the band's drummer Mike Dearden.

Like their other releases, the artwork was top notch.

The insert was a 6-panel fold out job, with the songs/lyrics on the underside. This insert was different though, as it also contained an alternative version of the cover art for each of the bands.

To me each piece highlights the band personality as well as their individuality.

The record itself features eight tracks:-

1. xCurraheex - The Fight Goes On
2. xCurraheex - Got Your Back
3. xCurraheex - I Opened My Eyes
4. xCurraheex - Time To React
5. Truth Inside - Try Harder
6. Truth Inside - Hospitality
7. xUnforcex - Take A Stand And Rise Against
8. xUnforcex - Refusing To Live By Your Lies

I picked up a Yellow copy of the record. There were three different colour pressings, one for each band.

Pressing info is below:-

200 on White (xCurraheex version)
200 on Crystal Clear (xUnforcex version)
200 on Yellow (Truth Inside version)

You can still pick up copies of the Clear and Yellow pressings from Commitment Records UK at

For people in the Philippines, you can pick one up directly from xUnforcex at

Also, here's a link to a review I did on my other blog - This Noise Is Ours -

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