Tuesday, 5 June 2012

007 - xCurraheex - Why We Fight 7"

I've been a bit rubbish with this recently, so I thought I'd better pull my finger out and post about another record or two.

I ordered this shortly after "Back On Track", as I was really getting the vinyl bug, plus xCurraheex are awesome. The other thing that struck me about this 7" was the artwork, which fits in really well with xCurraheex's posi hardcore image.

The 7" features 7 tracks, as illustrated above.

Side A -
1. Intro
2. No Frills Hardcore
3. Still In Control
4. Encouragement

Side B -
5. Forward is The Only Way
6. Take Our Time
7. B Positive

When you open the sleeve itself, the songs and lyrics are present along with a thanks list and a short list of bands that xCurraheex back.

Side A

The record is obviously pressed on black vinyl. The A side has the track names printed on the camouflage centre sticker.

Side B

The centre sticker on this side features the artwork again from the cover of the record.

I also got a couple of additional flyers too.

The 7" was pressed by Commitment records and was limited to 500 on black vinyl. You can still pick copies up from the label at http://www.commitmentrecords.nl/ for 6 Euros (PPD) and you may also be able to pick copies up from various distros too. I bought mine directly from the band.

The music itself is great, British posi hardcore from a great homegrown, straightedge band.

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