Sunday, 20 May 2012

006 - xCurraheex - Back-On-Track 7"

I've not posted on here for a few days properly, so it's time to remedy that.

This was the first release I picked up by Manchester straight edge hardcore band xCurraheex.

Back-On-Track was released 2011 via Commitment records. It features 5 songs of raging, positive straight edge hardcore.


Side A:-
1. Insight
2. Thinkin' Straight

Side B:-
3. Take It Back
4. We're The Crew
5. The Effort

The inside of the sleeve includes some cool live shots on the one side and song lyrics/credits on the other side.

The record itself is clear green vinyl, with a nice big centre sticker on both the A and B side.

I'm not sure how many were pressed, but I think it was fairly limited.

The record also came with some flyers and this big sticker.

This is still one of my favourite hardcore records, so much so that since I picked this up, I've bought all of the other 7" records that xCurraheex have released and I'll be posting them up soon.

You can still pick up copies of this from Commitment records at

xCurraheex -

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