Thursday, 10 May 2012

003 - Lavotchkin/End To Empires - Split 7"

This split 7" marked the first release I got from Thirty Days Of Night records, thanks to being part of their brilliant singles club. The singles club was a one-off subscription offer for twelve months, where you'd receive every vinyl single released by TDON throughout the year. This was also when things started to get serious for me.

This also has some extra poignancy now, as Lavotchkin have called it a day, so this marks their last recorded output on vinyl. End To Empires are still going though, so there's all the more reason to check this record out.

This 7" is a four track record, featuring two tracks from Lavotchkin and two by End To Empires.

Side A - Lavotchkin
1. Ben Gardners Head
2. Arkady

Side B - End To Empires
1. Kill This Epidemic
2. Heaven's Vultures.

Both sides feature blistering British hardcore from both bands and the artwork was done by none other than Tom Lacey, formerly of The Ghost Of A Thousand.

The pressing was also limited, with 500 being released in total. There was 100 on Black (the version I got through the singles club), 200 on Red/Yellow (got this one later on, with some other records and now strangely have two copies of it!) and 200 on Purple/Grey.

I may be a completest one day and get a copy of the Purple/Grey pressing, but for now, these two are good enough for me. 

There are still copies of the Red/Yellow and Purple/Grey runs available through TDON at and there may some dotted around in certain distros, so if you don't already own this, you can still pick it up.

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