Friday, 11 May 2012

004 - November Coming Fire - Evocation 7"

This was the second release I got through the Thirty Days of Night Singles club and spelled the first record from November Coming Fire that I owned, having heard great things about them and having only heard a couple of their previous tracks.

The album sleeve is suitably moody, being all black apart from the semi-human/wold torso on the right side.

The back of the sleeve is also black, featuring the song titles and a haunting picture of a lady at the top.

Side A - Evocation
Side B - Beast In Me

Inside the sleeve there's a pull out lyric sheet and when turned over, a black and white band shot.

The vinyl itself is also black, and I believe it's the limited singles club pressing. In the centre of both the A and B side is a black sticker, which signifies the sides.

As far as pressing goes, there was three different colour-ways of this. There was this one (Black), which I believe was limited to 100, there was a Black/Blue version which was limited to 200 and there was a Black/Green version also limited to 200, but please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, I believe 80 of both the Black/Blue and Black/Green ones went to NCF themselves, but again feel free to correct me.

The record itself is a short, sharp blast of UK hardcore, with a sludgy, epic feel. You can pick copies of this up still from Thirty Days of Night at and directly from November Coming Fire at You'll probably also be able to pick up copies from various distros as well.

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  1. Nice blog man. This pressing info came in useful as I was cataloging some stuff and couldn't remember the pressing numbers. I'll stick a link to your blog on mine. Check it out.