Wednesday, 9 May 2012

001 - Abolition/Hang The Bastard - Split 7"

This was the first vinyl record I ordered and what prompted me to start collecting in the first place. I bought it from the Hang The Bastard online store, as at the time I was a big HTB fan boy (please note, I still am) and I'd just joined the TDON records singles club.

The record has 4 tracks, two from Abolition on the A side and two by Hang The Bastard on the B side.

Side A - Abolition - 1. No Remorse
                             2. Worn Thin

Side B - Hang The Bastard - 1. Most Will Swim On A Lake Of Fire
                                           2. Cavern

The first press of this release was a cooperative effort by Disposable Culture Records, Breakthrough Records and Hit Time Records. It was pressed on black vinyl and was a run of 500. 30 of these were special "friends presses" which had special, spray painted sleeves.

The second press was released by Disposable Culture Records only and was made up of 150 on purple vinyl and 350 on black vinyl. There was also a limited run of 50 Euro tour copies done, with a different sleeve, which Abolition took on the road with them in 2010.

A Side (Including my reflection!)

B Side (Also including my reflection!)

There was also an insert included, which contained the song lyrics, band member details and thanks list.

So, poor quality camera phone taken pictures aside, this was the first vinyl record that I bought and is to blame for current addiction to records.

You can pick up a copy of the 2nd press done by Disposable Culture Records at, for the princely sum of £4. It's limited to 350 copies on black vinyl. I'd strongly recommend this, as it's a great example of two of the UK's best hardcore bands, duelling it out together for your aural pleasure.

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