Sunday, 13 May 2012

What's coming - Part 1

So I thought as well as listing what I have, I'd list what I'm still waiting for. I seem to go through splurges of ordering vinyl, so here goes.

Hexis - Seputus/Fatum 7" (Transparent Green w/ Black Splatter)
The Prestige - Black Mouths 12" (Transparent Red w/ White Splatter)
This Gift Is A Curse - I, Gvilt Bearer 12" (Black/Red "colour on colour)

These are all from Enjoyment Records. You can view pics ad order them from

Reflections Of Internal Rain - Answers 12" (Transparent Clear)
Foxxes - Forget The Rain 7" (Black)
Rise After Defeat - Maieutica 7" (Not sure which colour I'm getting - There's two Black and Green/w Black splatter)
Curse This Ocean - Cursed 7" (Black)

The reason I don't know which colour of the Rise After Defeat 7" I'm getting, is because this is part of a promo package that Strikedown Records has for sale. These packages are limited to 10 only and also feature 3 CD's, a Strikedown T-shirt and stickers/promo bits.

You can pick this up from Strikedown Records at

Grace - Self titled 7" (Sky Blue and Black)

This is part of s pre-order set limited to 45 from Hemlock 13. It features both colour-ways, a special T-shirt, a 9 song download card and stickers etc, all housed in a special box.

You can order it or single copies of the 7" from Hemlock 13 at

Brotherhood Of The Lake - 12" (Black)
Architects/Dead Swans - Split 7" (Black)
No Omega - Metropolis 12" (Black)

These are the next releases from TDON, which I'll get as I'm a member of their Vinyl club, where members get a copy of each vinyl record that's released this year. You can buy vinyl or join the vinyl club still at

5) There is also an EBAY auction I'm bidding on, which is for a long out of print double split 7" featuring Brutality Will Prevail and Hang The Bastard. I'll reveal more if I win the auction.

So there we have it, in the next few weeks I should be getting 5 12"s and 7" 7"s, plus an extra double 7" depending on my luck with EBAY. Can't wait!

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