Sunday, 13 May 2012

005 - Pale Creation/Abraxis - Split 7"

This was the third addition to my collection that came from the TDON Singles club last year. This release marked a tiny milestone for  em as it was the fifth vinyl record I owned and meant that my collection was really starting to take shape.

The record itself, unlike other previous records I'd bought, came with different artwork on both sides to signify both bands.

Pale Creation's side -

This side featured Pale Creation written on the cover, but it only shows up in certain light, which I think is pretty cool.

Abraxis side -

The Abraxis side features more visual artwork, and shortly after getting this record, I found out the artwork was done by Dwid from Integrity! I think there was a version that had an Abraxis logo embossed on the artwork as well, but I believe that one is pretty rare.

Inside the sleeve, there was a two sided insert that featured the lyrics to Pale Creation's side of the split on one side and Abraxis' song lyrics on the other side.

Side A - Pale Creation:-

1. The Radiant Abyss
2. Dreams Behold

Side B - Abraxis

1. My Disease

The record itself, was the black version, which I believe was pressed specially for the singles club and was limited to 60 copies. There was also two other colours pressed - Clear Yellow/Red that was limited to 120 and White/Grey that was also limited to 120.

The coloured copies also come with a download code, but the copy I got didn't due to it being part of the singles club and TDON wanting to encourage people to listen to it on their turntables, which I do, regularly

The centre stickers are also different on the A and B sides, to signify the different bands.

Side A -

Side B -

Pale Creation pulled out two tracks of slow, brooding hardcore on their side of the split and Abraxis contributed with a track of Holy Terror inspired noise.

Good news is, you can still get copies of the Clear Yellow/Red and White/Grey presses directly from Thirty Days Of Night at Plus, you may be able to pick copies up from various distros.

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