Wednesday, 25 July 2012

0014 - Crossbreaker - Lows 7"

This 7" came around the same time as the Oathbreaker 7" I posted about a couple of weeks ago. This release was split between Holy Roar Records and Thirty Days of Nights Records, where I got my copy from, through their singles club.

The artwork on the front sleeve is very uncomplicated, in moody black, with the key artwork and title in yellow.

The back cover is the same. It's got the song titles printed on it, as well as the motifs of the labels at the bottom, which both look wicked.


1. Woe Is Me
2. Time Is Making Fools of Us
3. Gravity Ghost
4. Sundown.

Such is the care taken with this release, that inside the main sleeve the record comes in a secondary sleeve, featuring the same artwork but in silvery white.

The rear of this secondary sleeve acts as the lyric and credits insert.

The record was pressed on black and yellow vinyl, with big centre stickers which named the side and the songs on that particular side.

Side A - Black with yellow splodges.

Side B - Yellow with black splodges.

There were 500 copies pressed altogether. 250 by Holy Roar on transparent red vinyl and 250 by TDON on this Black/Yellow vinyl. As far as I know, both presses are sold out, unsurprisingly.

There may be the copy floating around on places like Ebay and Dead Format, other than that you'll need to keep fishing through distros if you want a copy.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Crossbreaker, they're an awesome hardcore band from South Wales. You can find them at

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