Wednesday, 25 July 2012

0015 - Breaking Point - Judgement 7"

This was the first of two records I ordered from Purgatory Records. This is another great slab of British hardcore.

Again, the front cover of the record sleeve is uncomplicated, with both band and title printed prominently.

The back of the sleeve lists the sides and songs contained herein, as well as Purgatory's motif at the bottom.

Tracklist -
Side A -
1. Judgement
2. Condemnation

Side B -
3. Season Of My Discontent
4. Great Divide

There's a two sided insert, featuring the lyrics to the song on one side...

... and the credits/thanks list on the other.

The copy I got was the Black/White version, that has black splatter on the white side of the vinyl.

Each side has a big centre sticker displaying the side, and in this case, reminding you of the band and title.

The B side features a live hardcore show scene on the centre sticker.

The release also came with a download code.

500 were pressed by Purgatory Records. 100 on Black/White vinyl, 100 on White/Purple splatter vinyl and 300 on Black vinyl. Purgatory have copies of the black version still at

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