Wednesday, 25 July 2012

0016 - ANGST - S/T 7"

This was the second release I picked up from Purgatory Records. It was a split release with Worthless Nights Records.

The cover features the band's name down it's spine, so not to taint the angry shot of their vocalist.

The back of the sleeve includes the song titles in faint grey writing, along with the label motifs and a picture of a live show, with one solitary slam dancer.

Tracklist -

1. On My Own
2. (Interlude) 
3. Lies Protect
4. Mind Escape
5. Youth
6. The Weight Of A Heart

Both sides of the record are pressed in White vinyl with purple splatter and feature a white centre sticker. The trouble is, I can't tell which side is A or B.

Again, Purgatory Records still have some copies of this record for sale, for £1! Just go to

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  1. Hah yeah I picked this up for a quid ages ago, it's actually much better than I expected it to be.