Sunday, 15 July 2012

0011 - Oathbreaker - S/T 7"

This S/T 7" from Belgian band Oathbreaker, was the next 7" I received as part of the Thirty Day's of Night singles club last year.

The record sleeve front is made of some really striking light/dark grey artwork, which seems to be symmetrical.

The rear of the sleeve has some similarly striking artwork on, as well as the song listing.

Tracklist -
Side A -
1. Mindless
2.  Shelter

Side B -
3. Downfall
4. Mirror

Side A

Like most of the other singles club releases, this was pressed on black vinyl, with nice grey centre stickers. In the bottom right if the centre sticker, it says that this is "TDON029" in white.

Side B

Side B features the same face that is on the cover of the sleeve, but in a lighter grey.

There was no insert with this release, it was just plain and simple.

Pressing info -

From reading Oathbreaker's own Tumblr page at, it says that this 7" was put out on two different presses.

The first press was of 500 grey w/black splatter coloured 7"s.

The second press featured three different colour-ways - 100 on black, 100 on blue/purple and 100 on yellow w/red splatter. At the time of going on sale, all three of these were available as a pack with a free patch.

All pressings were done by TDON. Now, I don't think that TDON have anymore of these, but you may be able to pick them up from various distros and there are a couple floating about on

You could always get in touch with Oathbreaker directly at

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