Monday, 4 August 2014

0071 - Heksed - S/T LP

Now, I've been reading a lot of vinyl blogs recently, mainly Screaming For RecordsUtopia BanishedSkull FuckedTotality and others and it's made me realise that I have a long way to go to make mine as good as those ones. My main blog This Noise Is Ours takes up most of my time, but this one will always be going as long as I'm buying vinyl (which probably will be forever!).

This post follows on from my last one about the Hang The Bastard and is also a nod to xTinox of Hardcore/Metal vinyl blog, as I know he likes these types of records. It's also sort of poignant as Heksed have gone on hiatus.

I can't remember where I picked this up from but I think it was directly from the band. It's another records with no band logo on the front cover and it's black/white artwork gives a real old-school feel. It was self-released too and feature the band's take on Holy Terror hardcore.

Things are kept simple on the inside of the gatefold sleeve too, with no lyrics/song-titles written anywhere and just a small space used for credits.


Side A -
1. Bleeding In A Red Dress
2. Shallow
3. Mater
4. She Walks On Thorns
5. Trash Your Demons

Side B -
6. The Prophet
7. Bloodstains
8. Fracture

The artwork also features on the centre stickers. This was a one time pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl. I love it!

If anyone could point me in the direction of a Red copy of the Heksed/Deathseekers split 7" and a copy of the Revolver, Oslo cassette that Midnight Funeral pressed, I'd have a completed Heksed discography!

It terms of availability, this LP have long sold out but you may be able to pick it up from Discogs or the usual places. Good luck.

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