Sunday, 10 August 2014

0072 - My First Failure - S/T LP

This was the next record in my posting pile and I've been doing a bit of research into this morning and it's quite a special record for a few reasons. It was the second album from German hardcore band My First Failure. It was released on CD by Demons Run Amok Entertainment, who licenced the vinyl pressing to Dog Knights Productions and Brain Ache Records. According to the back of the record sleeve, this was the first record to be released by both labels.

Despite the fact that I can't take a straight picture, I think this record has a really attractive cover. The back of the sleeve contains the song titles and which side they're on, which is a nice touch.


Side A -
1. Alive
2. Getting Through
3. Restless
4. Until Today

Side B -
5. The Past
6. About Hearts
7. Turn The Page

In terms of the record itself, there were 250 copies pressed. The pressing should have been made up of 50 pre-order copies on black with silk-screened outer covers, 50 Euro tour copies on half-cream/half-black with silk-screened outer covers and 150 copies on clear with brown and black splatter but there was a mistake at the pressing plant and they ended up with:-

50 on black with silk-screened covers (Pre-order version)
50 on clear with brown and black splatter with silk-screened covers (Euro tour press)
150 on clear with brown and black splatter (Standard press)
(Note: If this is incorrect, please let me know)

I don't think My First Failure are active anymore.

You can stream the record at Brain Ache's bandcamp page below:-

In terms of getting hold of a copy, Dog Knights have long sold out of their copies as have Brain Ache. It looks like you'll have to rely on Discogs or the usual distros again.

Dog Knights Productions Facebook -
Brain Ache Records Facebook -
Demons Run Amok Entertainment Facebook -

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