Friday, 25 July 2014

0069 - Crossbreaker/No Reality - Split 7"

I seem to recall getting this split in a package from the 2012 TDON vinyl club (sorry I keep posting about TDON records, I have a lot!). Anyway, as I already had a copy of Lows 7" that Crossbreaker released in 2011, it was nice to complete their discography. There is due to be a discography LP release at some point, but Crossbreaker themselves are no more. No Reality also called it a day I think but have new bands. Both bands played great strands of UK hardcore/metal. This was their only official vinyl release, though they did release a full-length called Beyond The Infinite that was due to be released too, but I don't think it ever saw a release for some reason, which was a pity for the band.

This was a nice package overall, with gloomy artwork adorning the front sleeve.

Unlike the Grader 7" I posted about yesterday, this split came with a double sided lyric insert.


Side A - Crossbreaker -
1. The Bastard Sons Of Yesterday
2. Nightmares
3. Open Lungs

Side B - No Reality -
4. The White Druid
5. March Of The Galahad
6. Born In Denial

This split was pressed onto three different colours -

200 - Clear Purple
200 - Clear Dark Green
70 - Black

These are long since sold out from TDON, but you may be able to pick copies up from Discogs or various distros.

You can stream the split here -

Crossbreaker Facebook -
No Reality Facebook -
TDON Records Facebook -

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