Saturday, 1 December 2012

0028/0029 - Hungry Lungs - S/T 7"

It's no secret that I like my screamo a lot. This 7" is was from German band Hungry Lungs and the reason it's both number 28 and 29 in my collection is because I have two copies of it!

It's an ace three track affair, that was put out by no less than six labels including, React With Protest, Halo Of Flies, Contraszt!, Farblos Records, Parade of Spectres and Win Htein Records.

Front Sleeve -

I ordered this 7" originally from Halo Of Flies, randomly when I was browsing one day. I was intrigued by the cover.

Back Sleeve -

The back of the sleeve is simple, with the song titles and the label motifs at the bottom.

Tracklist -

A side -
1. Koerperjueunger
2. The Heaviest of All Weights

B side -
3. Philister

Pressing of the record was limited to 500. 400 copies were pressed on black and 100 were pressed on gold vinyl. I seem to have acquired two copies on gold!

Side A -

Side - B

I really like the quality of the vinyl, especially the centre stickers with the sides marked using Roman letters. They even put the vinyl RPM on too. This photo is a bit blurred, but it's hand-numbered as number 60 out of 100.

I also got copy number 52, from Parade of Spectres later on as part a review pack, featuring other awesome screamo records.

Liner sheet -

The lyric/thanks insert is cool, as it's printed on black paper that's got subtle silver brush strokes on it.

This particular 7" is now out of print, but here are the links to the labels who pressed it. I'll let you know too if any have any copies left -

React With Protest - (still has copies)
Halo Of Flies - (sold out)
Contraszt Records - (still has copies)
Farblos Records - (sold out)
Parade of Spectres - (may still have copies)
Win Htein - (still have copies)

You can head over to Hungry Lungs' Facebook page at, where there's the link to the Bandcamp page plus a free download link for a digital copy of this very record. If you like, make sure you buy a copy from one of the labels above.

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