Friday, 21 December 2012

0030 - Light Bearer - Lapsus (Double LP)

This double LP has to be my favourite, which is a touch thing to say as I've got so many records now, but everything about this record is incredible. I learned about Light Bearer through Halo of Flies Records, but actually picked this copy up from the UK label Protagoras Collective.

Light Bearer are an amazing atmospheric metal band from London and they released this double LP through Alerta Antifascista, Halo of Flies and Moments of Collapse.

Both the front and back covers are very dark, featuring subtle artwork and song titles on the back.

It's the same when you open out the sleeve to reveal what's on the inside! Two winged beasts glaring at each other while another stares straight at you.
Inside the main sleeve, are two inner sleeves witch house the records. Each one features similar artwork to that of the cover on the front and the songs, lyrics, credits on the back.

Sleeve A Front -

Sleeve A Back:-

Sleeve B Front:-

Sleeve B Back:-

The tracklist is:-

1. Beyond The Infinite
2. Primum Movens
3. Metatron
4. The Armoury Choir
5. Pre Lapsus
6. Lapsus

All four sides of the vinyl are grey with black in the middle to match the centre stickers, which only signify sides A and C.

In terms of availability, the first press that was put out by, Alerta Antifascista, Halo Of Flies and Moments of Collapse has completely sold out. The first pressing was as follows:-

1125 on black vinyl
125 on marine green
125 on grey/blue
125 on grey/splatter

The newly released second pressing is as follows:-

300 on black vinyl
100 on white vinyl
100 on grey vinyl

You can pick copies up from the links below, depending where you are in the world:-

Halo of Flies (USA) -
Alerta Antifascista (EU) -
Moments of Collapse (EU) -

Here's a stream of Lapsus from the Moments of Collapse bandcamp page for you:-

You can visit Light Bearer at their wordpress site at and on Facebook at

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