Saturday, 8 December 2012

New arrivals - Pt 4

I've received loads of new stuff recently, here goes -

Tapes -

Wrestling - For You Anything Tape
Things Fall Apart - Keep Calm Tape
Dead Bong - S/T Tape
Nigh - S/T Tape
Cease To Exist/Armour of Contempt - Split tape

Vinyl -

Dude Jams/Pure Graft - Split 7" (on Clear Crystal Meth vinyl from Not Shy of The DIY)
Let It Die - Let It Die 7" (on Translucent Purple vinyl from Church of Fuck)
Iron Witch - Post Vegas Blues 7" (on Green vinyl from Thirty Days if Night)

I ordered a few bits from To Live A Lie -

Mehkago N.T - Massive Fucking Headwound (12" on Black vinyl)
Nashgul/Malpractice Insurance - Split (7" on Clear Orange vinyl)
Rape Revenge - Paper Cage (7" on Clear Orange vinyl)
V/A - To Live A Lie Split (7"  White vinyl)
Protestant/Suffering Mind - Split (7" Clear Orange vinyl)

I also got these goodies too -

Total Fucking Destruction - Childhater (Red flexi-disc)
Unholy Grave/Nak'ay - Split (5" Black vinyl)

I went to see Moloch/Rot In Hell/Lich gig last night and I picked up the latest Man Hands/Lich 10"

Also, Holy Roar sent these two records I'd pre-ordered -

Strife - Witness A Rebirth (12" Red w/White vinyl)
Full of Hell/Calm The Fire - (7" Various colour vinyl)

There we go, that's all for now!

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