Thursday, 13 September 2012

0023 - November Coming Fire - Dungeness 12"

Another TDON related record and my first 12"!

I got into November Coming Fire after getting their Evocation 7", so took a step back in time and purchased this record too. I couldn't believe it when I received it. The package was awesome and the vinyl itself was so nice!

This record was originally released on CD by Reflections Records in w2006, but was remastered in 2010 ready for a vinyl release.

The simple, moodiness of the front sleeve was encompassing enough.

The back of the sleeve, equally so. The stormy, lighthouse scene epitomised the town that record was named after. Even the song titles listed down the middle of the scene, don't detract from it's atmosphere.

When you open the sleeve, you're presented with the song lyrics on one side and on the other a photo taken from inside a derelict house, with the credits in the top right.


1. Blue Reigns
2. Powerstation
3. Devil on The Shore
4. The Jackal
5. HMS Blackwater
6. That Black House Made of Rubber
7. Argonaut
8. Instrumental No.2
9. Providence
10. Mascot
11. Queenliest Dead
12. Closure

Side A - 

As I said, I was awestruck by the quality of the record. My copy was the Whit/Gold version. Again, the centre sticker on this record also labelled each side, which was a nice touch.

Side B -

This 12" was a co-op release by Thirty Days Of Night Records and Italian label Anchors Aweigh. Anchors Aweigh pressed 250 on Gold/Black splatter vinyl and TDON pressed 250 on White/Gold vinyl.

These are still available on Gold/Black splatter from Anchors Aweigh and from NCF themselves at their online store, in both colours.

November Coming Fire can be found at

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