Thursday, 4 October 2012

0024 - Worms Feed - Black Snow 7"

While I'm procrastinating about jobs, I thought I 'd update my blog. This 7" was the first record I ordered from UK label Dog Knights Productions and was the first time I'd heard of Worms Feed.

Dog Knights Productions is a label and promoter, that's been gathering momentum over the last couple of years. They've been building their reputation as one of the UK's best, new labels and have been releasing better and better records as they've gone along. Worms Feed are from Belgium and play a hybrid of hardcore, crust and black metal.

Front sleeve -

I got drawn to this 7" because of the haunting, black and silver cover. That skull compliments Worms Feed's music perfectly.

Back sleeve -

The 7" features two songs and is one sided, with a screen printed B-side which I'll get to a little later.


1. Black Snow
2. Memories

A Side -

The record is pressed on black vinyl and features a similarly moody centre sticker.

B Side - 

It's the B-Side that sets this release apart though. It features a white-ink, screen-printed version of the cover art.

This 7" was a co-operative release by Dog Knights Productions and Iron Plague Records from Germany. Now, I'm not sure how many of these were pressed by Iron Plague, but there was 300 copies pressed by Dog Knights, all on black vinyl but featuring three different colours if ink, for the screen printing:-

30 featuring Gold ink (sold out)
30 featuring Silver ink (sold out)
240 featuring white ink (still available)

As well as this, I also got a plethora of flyers, stickers and free download codes, because DK like to promote their releases.

If you want to pick up a copy of this record, you can go to either or

Also, make sure you check out Worms Feed at and listen to them at They're well worth your time.

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