Wednesday, 10 October 2012

0025 - Todos Caeran/Gumilinski split 7"

This release was the second record I picked up from Dog Knights Productions, at the same time as the Worms Feed 7". This was a special record for me, as it took my collection to the quarter of a century mark, which to me was a big deal!

Front cover:-

Again this was a pretty original record. Firstly, it was my first proper introductions to Canadian screamo band Todos Caeran and Russian screamo band Gumilinski and secondly, because of the striking record sleeve.

Inside the obligatory plastic outer sleeve was a car sleeve that housed the record. As you can see, each side had a person on it, but the sleeve itself isn't a full sleeve, so you can see the record inside!

Back sleeve:-

This meant that you could see the stunning white 7" in all it's glory.

A Side:-

Each side features a clean centre sticker, with more nice artwork, the band featuring on it along with their song contributions as well as the RPM of the record!

B Side:-

Side A - Gumilinski -
1. The Blind Opera Overture
2. La Guerra
3. Yes, We Know...

Side B - Todos Caeran:-
4. The Dispossessed
5. Left Hand of Darkness

This record was pressed in a quantity of 300 on white vinyl. 100 featured limited colour sleeve artwork:-

10 on Grey Silver
20 on Blue
20 on Green
50 on Maroon

To keep things simple with this release, there was no massive insert, just a small one featuring the bands and songs, as well as links and e-mail addresses for the bands. A download code also came (which has been used, before you try it!)

It's worth noting that this 7" should have featured an extra track from each band, but these were too long to fit on the wax, so they were provided with the download instead:-

Gumilinski - Life Walks in Beauty
Todos Caeran - The Gernsback Continuum

Looking in the Dog Knights store, this has sold out. Todos Caeran still appear to have copies in their store at You may also be able to find copies in distros or on Discogs, but buy copies from the bands first while they have them left!

Todos Caeran are at
Gumilinski are at

Keep an eye on what Dog Knights Productions are doing here

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