Monday, 22 October 2012

New arrivals Pt.3.......

Okay, I'm in real deep!

Not only did the following records drop at my feet last week......

In order in which they arrived:-

1. Coilguns/NVRVD - Split 10" (pressed on beautiful Black/White vinyl)
2. Full of Hull/The Guilt Of... - Split 7" (on Black vinyl)
3. Doomriders/Sweet Cobra - Are We Not Men? (2012 Record store day release of Devo covers on bright pink vinyl)
4. Converge/Napalm Death - Split 7" (on Translucent Orange vinyl)
5. We Came Out Like Tigers - Agelessness and Lack 12" (on Ultra clear/Black Haze vinyl)
6. You'll live - Above The Weather 12" (on Sea Foam Green vinyl)

.....But I'm still awaiting this lot and I've also order more......

Iron Witch - Post Vegas Blues 7" (on Green vinyl)
No Omega - Metropolis 12" (on Black vinyl)
Martyr Defiled - In Shadows/Ecophagy 12" (on Purple vinyl)
Let It Die - Let It Die 7" (on Translucent Purple vinyl)
Dude Jams/Pure Graft - Split 7" (on Clear Crystal Meth vinyl)
Strife - Witness A Rebirth 12" (on White/Red vinyl)
Full of Hell/Calm The Fire - Split 7" (on Black vinyl)
Adobe Homes - Pinata 9" (on Tri-colour vinyl)
Hospitals - Asleep 7" (on White vinyl)
Descubriendo a Mr​.​Mime / ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! - Split 7" (on Red vinyl)

Also a Punk label called All In Vinyl have released the third of their vinyl subscriptions and have released 6 exclusive split 7"s, so I ordered them -

Arms Aloft/Leagues Apart - Split 7"
Timeshares/Dividers - Split 7"
House Boat/Zatopeks - Split 7"
Canadian Rifles/Zapiain - Split 7"
The Holy Mess/Down and Outs - Split 7"
Steve Adamyk Band/The Dauntless Elite - Split 7"
Also, as I'm gonna start documenting my tapes too, I ordered these too -

Three tapes from Church of Fuck -
Cholera - Egotism Tape
Dead Bong - S/T Tape
Nigh - S/T Tape

Also two from Get Into It Records:-

Wrestling - For You Anything Tape
Things Fall Apart - Keep Calm Tape

And we're done!

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  1. Sorry J, I didn't mean to delete your message, pressed the wrong damn button. I'll post em up soon, hopefully.