Sunday, 4 November 2012

0026 - Kylesa/Victims Split 7"

As well as buying those two previous 7"s from Dog Knights Productions, I also picked up two distro items, this being the first. It was the second Deathwish Inc pressing of the Kylesa/Victims split.

Once again, it was the artwork that attracted me to it, but also the fact that Victims were on it. I was just getting into Kylesa at the time as well, so it made sense to buy it.

I like how the artwork flows onto the back cover too (sorry for the poor picture).

The inside sleeve folded to present similar artwork in striking yellow and black as well the credits (again, sorry for the poor pics)

The vinyl itself was pressed on Yellow/Gold vinyl. The centre sticker on both sides tells you which band is on it and the RPM (which I think should be on every vinyl record, to save any embarrassment when you get the wrong spreed!)

Side A

Side B

The record itself feature 3 songs.

Side A - Kylesa
1. Pain And Suffering

Side B - Victims
1. On Our Knees
2. Descend Within

In terms of pressing, there seems to have been multiple presses from different labels -

It was originally pressed by a label called La Familia -

June 2009 - Tour edition on orange and black marbled vinyl - 500 copies
October 2009 - 2nd editions features 300 on green and black marbled vinyl and 1000 on black vinyl.
March 2010 - 3rd edition features 300 copies on blue and black marbled vinyl and 500 copies on Black vinyl.

The La Familia release had different artwork.

It was later pressed by Deathwish Inc

November 2011 - 1st pressing featured two colour-ways on transparent red and yellow vinyl although the exact volumes are not know.

2012 - 2nd pressing on gold vinyl, but again no volumes known.

As well getting the record, it came with a download code, as is customary from Deathwish.

There are still copies of the La Familia black pressing at and you can pick up copies of the current Deathwish gold pressing from You  should also be able to get copies from distros and discogs.

Kylesa can be found at
Victims can be found at

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