Sunday, 26 August 2012

0021 - Reproach - Is What It IS 7"

This was another impulse buy, but this time to test out Discogs, as at the time I was strangely dubious about using it to buy records from. Anyway, I'd read a lot about Reproach and saw this record going cheap, so bought it.

I really like the black and white, punk inspired cover.

Same with the back cover, with the songs listed and the prominent live photo.

Tracklisting -

Side A -
1. Over The Kill
2. Shove My Fucking Face In It
3. Skate and Destroy
4. Acid Rain
5. Overpelt Up In Flames

Side B -
6. Boiling Inside
7. Dead By Dawn
8. Switch It Off
9. Is What It Is

There's a simple, black and white folded insert inside, featuring a photo of the band on one side.....

The songs and credits on the back....

..... and when you open it up, there's a kick ass collage of black and white photo's which is a neat touch.

The record itself has been pressed on clear vinyl. Both sides feature chunk black centre stickers, one with the band logo on and the other with Deep Six's (the label) logo on.

Side A -

Side B -

The record also came with a download code.

I'm unable to locate any pressing details for this 7", so if anyone can help me out, please drop me a line at

Visit Deep Six records at as I think they still have copies available, If not, you can pick up copies still on discogs.

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