Sunday, 12 August 2012

0018/19 - Hang The Bastard/Brotherhood Of The Lake - Split 7"

Before long, you'll realise that I'm a bit of a Hang The Bastard super-fan. Anyway, I got this releases as part of the TDON singles club last year. I'd heard of Hang The Bastard thanks to the promo that had been posted all over Facebook, but Brotherhood of The Lake were new to me.

Front Sleeve -

The artwork got me pretty excited for a start. The front of the sleeve was really uncomplicated but eye catching at the same time.

Back Sleeve -

The back of the sleeve featured both band's respective monikers, in their chosen fonts alongside the song's they'd contributed and the label's moniker.

Inside, there was an insert which housed the record itself, featuring the lyrics and credits,


Side A - Hang The Bastard
1. Offering
2. Cross Joint

Side B - Brotherhood of The Lake
3. It's Meant To Hurt
4. Hope For Nothing

The copy I originally got through the singles club was the White/Green version. Side A featured a centre sticker with the song titles on and Side B featured a scaled down version of the cover art.

Side A -

Side B -

This colour-way was limited to 200.

A while after, I ordered the HTB - Raw Sorcery double cassette direct from the band, which subsequently got lost in our mail system. Because of that, the band said they'd send me some other stuff, so I request a copy of the White/Blue version of this split.

This version was also limited to 200 copies.

There's also a Black version that was even rarer, limited to just 100 copies. From what I can tell, all versions have sold out, however keep checking Discogs and Dead Format as second hand/trade copies may come up from time to time.

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  1. you probably knew this but the latest TDON release has gone up for pre-order tonight. limited to 300