Sunday, 26 August 2012

0020 - Off With Their Heads/Discharge - Split 7"

I bought this split as an impulse buy from Drunken Sailor Records, purely because it featured two cult punks bands and so I could say, I owned a Discharge record really!

The artwork is pretty much exactly as you'd expect on the Discharge side of the sleeve.

Off With Their Head pay homage to Discharge with the artwork on their side of the sleeve, with it resembling the artwork for Never Again.

There's a double sided insert, featuring the lyrics to both contributions from the bands, as well credits etc.

1. Never Run (Off With Their Heads)
2. Legacy You Left Behind (Discharge)

The copy I picked up was on black vinyl, with centre stickers featuring the band, their song and even the rpm of the record!

Side A - Discharge

 Side B - Off With Their Heads 

Now, I did read somewhere that the centre stickers had been placed on the wrong side, but I'm not sure if that was true or not.

The record was limited to 1000, with 200 on red and 8oo on black vinyl. There was also 50 test pressings and another 50 rejected tests.

Each record also comes with a download code.

You can still pick up copies of this directly. from Drunken Sailor Records at

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