Saturday, 5 April 2014

0065 - Rhino Charge - S/T 7"

I'm pretty proud to have this 7" in my collection. It was another pick up from Feast of Tentacles and was the 2nd release to come from US label To live A Lie Records.

I don't if too many people are familiar with Rhino Charge, but they were a three-piece from California who formed in 2005 I think. They released two demo's and this self-titled 7" in 2005 and then followed it up with a split with Protestant the following year.


1. Circular Evolution
2. Life Is A Life Lived
3. Molten Monument Of Man
4. Business Is Next To Godliness
5. Rhino Charge The Mall Rats
6. Perspective As Law

All six tracks were shoehorned onto a single-sided 7".

They pay homage to Darkthrone on the insert, which is pretty cool and as are the live shots underneath it.

My copy of the 7" is the 1st press "Mess/Marble" version. It's kind of like a turquoise colour. It's pretty rare now too.

Here's the pressing info -

5 Test Presses
1st press - 200 on Clear vinyl
1st press - 300 on Mess/Marble vinyl
2nd press - 500 on Cranberry vinyl

There were some variation's of those pressings available too, but there are no exact volumes. Have a look here -

Copies are no longer available from To Live A Lie's webstore, so you'll be better checking on Discogs or in distros.

Rhino Charge Metal Archives -
To Live A Lie Facebook -

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