Sunday, 27 April 2014

0301 - 0302 - Funeral For A Friend/Boysetsfire Pick-Ups

I'm jumping ahead of my usual sequence here, as I wanted to post up the two most recent additions to my collection. I went to see Funeral For A Friend and Boysetsfire last night in Leeds, as they're two of my favourite bands. I picked up the vinyl repress of their debut EP, Between Order And Model and also their recent split 7" with Boysetsfire.

Funeral For A Friend - Between Order And Model LP

I already own the original EP on CD, but couldn't pass up on the chance to get the vinyl re-press. I think the cover art is worth it on it's own. Originally, it was released via Mighty Atom, who remastered the songs for this pressing. It  was released via End Hits Records, which is owned by a members of Boysetsfire.

The lyric book included features old pictures from the band's early days and the original artwork on the front, which is a nice touch. The record also comes with a download code.

Side A -
1. 10.45 Amsterdam Conversations
2. Juno
3. The Art Of American Football
4. Red Is The New Black
5. Storytelling Part 2
6. Grand Central Station

Side B -
7. The Getaway Plan
8. 10.45 Amsterdam Conversations (Live)
9. Juneau/Juno (Live)
10. The Art Of American Football (Live)
11. Red Is The New Black (Live)

All of the live tracks were recorded during their show in Augsburg, Germany in August 2013.

This record is the first pressing, which was out of a 1000 copies. Made up of 300 copies on White/Green vinyl and 700 on Translucent Orange vinyl.

You can pick up copies from End Hits Records here -

Boysetsfire/Funeral For A Friend - Split 7"

This 7" was a special collaboration between both bands, with them covering one of each others songs.

Side A -
1. Boysetsfire - 10.45 Amsterdam Conversations (Originally by Funeral For A Friend)

Side B -
2. Funeral For A Friend - Rookie (Originally by Boysetsfire)

The split was pressed by No Sleep Records in the US, while End Hits Records took care of the European pressing. Here's the pressing info:-

No Sleep Records -
20 Test Pressings on Black vinyl
125 Coffee w/Creamer vinyl (2014 No Sleep Subscription colour-way)
500 Half-Opaque Maroon/Half-Opaque Cream vinyl
1000 Opaque Silver vinyl

End Hits Records -
498 on Clear vinyl
493 on Gold vinyl

My copy I believe is the End Hits Records Gold version out of 493.

You pick copies up from here -
End Hits Records -
No Sleep Records -

Funeral For A Friend Facebook -
Boysetsfire Facebook -
End Hits Records Facebook -
No Sleep Records Facebook -

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