Sunday, 6 April 2014

0066 - Cease To Exist - Heptaparaparshinokh 7"

This was the final record from my first haul from Feast of Tentacles and a collaborative release between them and sadly departed UK label Hemlock 13.

It was my first introduction to their noisy blackened-hardcore.

I really like the imagery and stark black and white cover. It sums up what Cease To Exist are about for me, which is uncompromising and nasty noise. I saw them at Fuck Fest in Manchester last year and remember the frontman hanging from the camo netting that adorned the ceiling of Kraak Gallery.
They had a massive amount of energy that they expelled through the negativity of their music.

The 7" itself features six tracks -

A Side -
1. Servile
2. Feast
3. Chemognostic Illumination

B Side -
4. By The Will of The Deathless Gods
5. Crowned And Conquering
6. The Absolute of Sonuf Vaoresagi

The 7" itself was limited to 300 copies on black. 50 copies came with a patch. There was also 10 test presses.

There are no copies left at Feast of Tentacles, so you'll be best to try Discogs or other distros if you want one.

Cease To Exist Facebook -
Feast Of Tentacles Facebook -

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