Sunday, 2 March 2014

0064 - Drainland/Enabler - Split 7"

I picked this 7" up at the same time as the Swarrrm/Crowpath one.

It's got one track from Drainland and two from Enabler.

Side A - Drainland
1. The Oldest Ward

Side B - Enbler
2. Drop Out
3. Fuck Today

The picture quality here isn't too great, but it was released by both Halo Of Flies and De Graanrepubliek. Enabler featured Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy on drums on this recording! I didn't notice that until I was prepping this post.

Here's the pressing info:-

500 on black vinyl (January 2012 - First press)
100 on white vinyl (May 2012 - 2nd press)

Both pressing have sold out from Halo Of Flies and De Graanrepubiek. You'll have to check your local distros or head over to Discogs to locate copies.

Drainland Facebook -
Enabler Facebook -
Halo Of Flies Facebook -
De Graanrepubliek Website -

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