Saturday, 8 February 2014

0063 - Swarrrm/Crowpath - Split 7"

A while ago I posted about the Terzij De Horde LP I picked up from Feast of Tentacles distro. At the time, I picked up a few 7"s at random. Some stuff I wanted but also some stuff I was new too, because I like the element of surprise sometimes. One such surprise was this split 7" from Japanese grind core act Swarrrm and Swedish metal/grindcore band Crowpath (R.I.P). It was released in 2006 via Crucificados Pelo Sistema.

This was definitely one of those blind purchases for me. I'd heard of Crowpath before, I think they're on an old Earache Records sampler CD I own, but I hadn't heard of Swarrrm. I like the artwork on the sleeve of this split, as it's not your usual dark and gloomy piece.

The sleeve itself is a tri-fold one, with the bands having a side each. On the Crowpath side, they've included to the lyrics to their song.


Side A - Swarrrm - Smallman Have Bigmouth (Venom 2)
Side B - Crowpath - Cleansed In Chlorine

Side A -

Side B -

As far as I can tell, the split was only pressed on black vinyl. The same centre sticker design was used on both sides and it states that it was Crucificados 024.

I don't know pressing figures for this, but as soon as I find them I'll be updating this post.

Both bands play quite long songs for a grind split. The 7" playing time is above ten minutes. It's really good stuff and a good intro for people wanting to get into both bands. Crowpath are now sadly no more, but their records are still well worth checking out if you're into bands like Totalitar and other Swedish hardcore/grind bands. Swarrrm are still going strong and have countless other splits as well as full-length records.

In terms of getting hold of copies, Crucificados Pelo Sistema may still have some. You can mail them via their website

Alternatively, try distros or Discogs.

Swarrrm Facebook -
Crowpath Facebook -

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