Friday, 26 April 2013

0044/0045 - Foxxes - Forget The Rain 7"

I'm waiting for two things today. 1) For someone to get back to me about a job and 2) For tonight, so I can head out for the first night of 'Kin Hell Fest in Leeds. I thought I'd use my waiting time wisely, by posting another update. This is also my last single record post, as I have some multiple ones to do shortly, which should help me get my pile down a bit!

Foxxes are a UK based melodic hardcore band, signed to Italian label Strikedown Records. I first heard about these guys when they sent me their 7" to review in digital form for my other blog This Noise Is Ours. After reviewing it, I bought a copy directly from the bands webstore. I later got a second copy, when I ordered a special bundle pack directly from Strikedown Records

The 7" itself features four tracks, but the record came with a download code that featured the other three bonus tracks, which was pretty cool.

Side A -
1. Only In Dream I'm Alive
2. Love Is Loneliness

Side B -
3. Live With The Past
4. Escape Myself

Bonus Tracks (download only)
5. Darkest Days
6. Forget The Rain
7. Winters Alone

There was also a full colour lyric insert, which matched the external artwork.

The record itself came pressed on black/grey vinyl. The songs were listed on the centre sticker too, with the other side featuring a subtle motif of a fox's head/

In terms of pressing information, there were 500 pressed:-
200 - Black/Grey Haze vinyl
300 - Black vinyl

As I have two copies of the Black/Grey Haze version, I would be willing to trade it for a Black copy!

This is just good, honest melodic-hardcore, with plenty of emotion and genuine feeling.

You can pick both colour-ways directly from the Foxxes webstore at

You can also get them from Strikedown Records at

Foxxes -
Strikedown Records -


  1. hey james,
    i linked your post to the foxxes related post of mine. hope you don't mind.

    1. Hey dude, that's absolutely fine! It's cool that you've been reading it. I haven't updated it in a while, but this has given me some drive to get to it again. Thanks. I'll share your blog too.